Extraction Sample Clauses

Extraction. For the avoidance of doubt, Zeneca's ---------- right to commercialize Shuffled Genes for [*******] for Agricultural Applications shall include the right to commercialize Zeneca Agricultural Products obtained by extraction. Any other extraction rights for Zeneca Agricultural Products shall be as agreed by the Research Committee.
Extraction. 6.1 A portion of the homogenized sample must be extracted in an organic solvent that is suitable for recovering cannabinoids.
Extraction k) Final provisions
Extraction. Subject to full payment being received by Company, each Buyer has the right and obligation to remove the released item(s) purchased from Company premises prior to April 1, 2006 (the “Extraction End Date”) in an orderly manner, unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing, by themselves or their representatives, under the following guidelines:
Extraction. There is 2-charge approach on ‘extraction’ at expiry or termination in accordance with Clause 26 – and for the avoidance of doubt not a 3-charge approach – whereby the extraction rate can be interpreted as the same as a permanent withdrawal activity, combined with the retrieval of the item (either box or file). To illustrate this, please refer to the below calculations: Extraction cost per File: Extraction (at end of contract) (FILE) £ 0.50 Retrieve (FILE) £ 0.67
Extraction a. Contractor will employ a hot water deep clean extraction on all carpets annually.
Extraction. What I bring back from the drumming journey in extraction is the location of where within your physical body the “curse” or negative energy pattern is anchored. It is often anchored to several places which, when touch is utilized, I typically mark with the motion of an ‘x’ on the surface of the skin using a piece of petrified wood or other natural element extraction “tool.” The “curse” energy is then removed from these locations often with a scooping motion that may feel like a light brushing on the surface of the skin. The exception to this is when the anchor point is in the vicinity of the pelvis, torso, breasts/pecs or face. In these cases, the ‘x’ is made in the air approximately 2” above the body and no contact is made with the surface of the body during the removal process. The non-touch option is for me to make all of the ‘x’s in the air above the body at the locations where the energy pattern is anchored and to make no contact with the surface of the body during removal. Please check the option you elect below: I elect for touch to be used in the shamanic ritual as described above. I elect to experience the shamanic ritual without touch except for the limited contact made during the drumming phase of the process. Please note that retrievals and extractions are relevant ritual and conceptual frameworks that can apply to individual human beings as well as to family/lineage systems, animals/pets, and the land/plants/earth. The shamanic lens is one that considers our place as reciprocal beings within a broader web of connection that operates as an interdependent ecosystem. If there is imbalance or dis-ease within the broader ecosystem, this will often manifest as imbalance and dis-ease within the individual beings that are part of that ecosystem. Rebalancing and healing are not just about removing something that may be unwanted and/or destructive, but about shifting our lens and our day-to-day intentions, choices and impact as we remember what it means to be in reciprocal relationship with the whole of the energies/beings in our world and environment. This can include relationships with currently embodied energies in the present physical plane as well as the energies of the ancestors that have come before and the energies that are yet to follow after us. As such, rituals done within any of these contexts offer an invitation for energetic and structural shift for all involved in the relevant relationships related to that particular context. These shifts...
Extraction. Process Scale Up will verify that the extraction process is reproducible at scale and consistent with the process provided by Molichem.
Extraction. EH will grind the GG Hemp and will extract and process from the GG Hemp full spectrum CBD oil. Based on the net weight and CBD potency of the GG Hemp, EH expects to be able to extract and process one thousand one hundred fifty (1,150) kilograms of full spectrum CBD oil (the “GG CBD”) from the GG Hemp.
Extraction. For purposes hereof, mineral extraction (“Extraction”) means mineral prospection works, as defined in Executive Order No. 227/69 (“Mining Code”), for the purpose of defining the volume and quality of gold, silver and byproducts contained in the soil and subsoil of the areas covered by the Mineral Rights.