Exchange for Newly Issued Securities Sample Clauses

Exchange for Newly Issued Securities. At any time on or prior to November 17, 2013, if the Company issues any securities (whether debt, equity or otherwise), other than pursuant to the Company’s Amended and Restated Equity-Based Compensation Plan or the Company’s 2011 Employee Stock Purchase Plan (or any additional or successor employee equity compensation arrangements) or a Subsequent Transaction (as defined below), (any such securities, “Additional Securities”) on terms (economic or otherwise) that Purchaser, in its sole reasonable discretion, determines are more favorable than the Series G Units, Purchaser may exchange all, but not less than all, of its Series G Units for such newly issued Additional Securities. Each Series G Unit to be exchanged shall be valued at the then present Liquidation Value of the Series G Preferred Stock included in such Series G Unit. The Company shall, as soon as practicable, but in no event later than 10 days prior to the to the issue of Additional Securities, deliver written notice to Purchaser stating (i) the terms of such Additional Securities and (ii) the Company’s calculation of the number of such Additional Securities that would be issued in exchange for one Series G Unit. If Purchaser determines, pursuant to this Section 6, that such issuance of Additional Securities is on terms more favorable than the Series G Units, Purchaser shall have 10 days from the receipt of such notice from the Company to deliver notice to the Company of such determination and if Purchaser elects to exercise its right to exchange its Series G Units pursuant to the terms of this Section 6, it shall be required to surrender to the Company all certificate(s) evidencing the shares of Series G Preferred Stock and the shares of Common Stock underlying the Series G Units to be exchanged in accordance with this Section 6. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, if Purchaser elects to exchange its Series G Units pursuant to this Section 6, it shall have the right to enter into such agreements, make such amendments hereto and take such other actions in order to give effect to this Section 6. For the avoidance of doubt, the rights granted to Purchaser under this Section 6 shall not apply to the Additional Securities issued in a Subsequent Transaction.

Related to Exchange for Newly Issued Securities

  • Issued Securities All issued and outstanding shares of Common Stock, Preferred Stock or any other securities of the Company have been duly authorized and validly issued and are fully paid and nonassessable. All outstanding shares of Common Stock, Preferred Stock and any other securities were issued in full compliance with all Federal and state securities laws. In addition:

  • Validly Issued Shares All shares of Common Stock that may be issued upon exercise of this Warrant, assuming full payment of the Aggregate Exercise Price (including those issued pursuant to Section 5 hereof) shall, upon delivery by the Company, be duly authorized and validly issued, fully paid and nonassessable, free from all stamp taxes, liens and charges with respect to the issue or delivery thereof and otherwise free of all other security interests, encumbrances and claims of any nature whatsoever (other than security interests, encumbrances and claims to which the Holder is subject prior to the issuance of this Warrant and other transfer restrictions described herein).

  • Book-Entry Preferred Securities (a) A Global Preferred Security may be exchanged, in whole or in part, for Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates registered in the names of the Owners only if such exchange complies with Section 5.7 and (i) the Depositary advises the Administrative Trustees and the Property Trustee in writing that the Depositary is no longer willing or able properly to discharge its responsibilities with respect to the Global Preferred Security, and no qualified successor is appointed by the Administrative Trustees within ninety (90) days of receipt of such notice, (ii) the Depositary ceases to be a clearing agency registered under the Exchange Act and the Administrative Trustees fail to appoint a qualified successor within ninety (90) days of obtaining knowledge of such event, (iii) the Administrative Trustees at their option advise the Property Trustee in writing that the Trust elects to terminate the book-entry system through the Depositary or (iv) a Note Event of Default has occurred and is continuing. Upon the occurrence of any event specified in clause (i), (ii), (iii) or (iv) above, the Administrative Trustees shall notify the Depositary and instruct the Depositary to notify all Owners of Book-Entry Preferred Securities, the Delaware Trustee and the Property Trustee of the occurrence of such event and of the availability of the Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates to Owners of the Preferred Securities requesting the same. Upon the issuance of Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates, the Trustees shall recognize the Holders of the Definitive Preferred Securities Certificates as Holders. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if an Owner of a beneficial interest in a Global Preferred Security wishes at any time to transfer an interest in such Global Preferred Security to a Person other than a QIB, such transfer shall be effected, subject to the Applicable Depositary Procedures, in accordance with the provisions of this Section 5.6 and Section 5.7, and the transferee shall receive a Definitive Preferred Securities Certificate in connection with such transfer. A holder of a Definitive Preferred Securities Certificate that is a QIB may, upon request, and in accordance with the provisions of this Section 5.6 and Section 5.7, exchange such Definitive Preferred Securities Certificate for a beneficial interest in a Global Preferred Security.

  • Exchangeable for Multiple Warrants This Warrant is exchangeable, upon the surrender hereof by the Holder at the principal office of the Company, for a new Warrant or Warrants (in accordance with Section 7(d)) representing in the aggregate the right to purchase the number of Warrant Shares then underlying this Warrant, and each such new Warrant will represent the right to purchase such portion of such Warrant Shares as is designated by the Holder at the time of such surrender; provided, however, no warrants for fractional shares of Common Stock shall be given.

  • Excluded Securities The rights of first refusal established by this Section 4 shall have no application to any of the following Equity Securities:

  • Ineligible Securities Securities which may not be underwritten or dealt in by member banks of the Federal Reserve System under Section 16 of the Banking Act of 1933 (12 U.S.C. Section 24, Seventh), as amended.

  • Cancellation of Converted Securities All Securities delivered for conversion shall be delivered to the Trustee to be cancelled by or at the direction of the Trustee, which shall dispose of the same as provided in Section 3.09.

  • Issuances of Additional Partnership Securities (a) The Partnership may issue additional Partnership Securities and options, rights, warrants and appreciation rights relating to the Partnership Securities for any Partnership purpose at any time and from time to time to such Persons for such consideration and on such terms and conditions as the General Partner shall determine, all without the approval of any Limited Partners.

  • Purchase or Sale of Partnership Securities The General Partner may cause the Partnership to purchase or otherwise acquire Partnership Securities. As long as Partnership Securities are held by any Group Member, such Partnership Securities shall not be considered Outstanding for any purpose, except as otherwise provided herein. The General Partner or any Affiliate of the General Partner may also purchase or otherwise acquire and sell or otherwise dispose of Partnership Securities for its own account, subject to the provisions of Articles IV and X.

  • Legended Securities Each certificate for a Note will bear the legend contained in “Notice to Investors” in the Preliminary Offering Memorandum for the time period and upon the other terms stated in the Preliminary Offering Memorandum.