Evidence on TSO consultations Sample Clauses

Evidence on TSO consultations. The Finnish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian TSOs have been analysing in co-operation the technical impacts of the developed infrastructure in the region. Based on evidence provided by the project promoters, namely the consultation documentation sent to the Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian TSOs and the responses received from the Finnish and Lithuanian TSOs as well as based on further concrete information on cooperation regarding the infrastructure development and market integration in the region provided by the project promoters, the concerned NRAs find that the project promoters have consulted the concerned TSOs in line with Article 12(3) of Regulation (EU) No 347/2013.
Evidence on TSO consultations. 2019-102729-0005 Based on the results provided by the project promoters regarding to the CBA analysis it is clear that majority of the benefits are seen in Finland. As the CBA analysis show impact higher than 10 percent for some countries in some scenarios, on average impact for other countries in the region are below the 10 percent significance threshold. As the CBA analysis does not show consistent benefits for other countries, the concerned NRAs agree that there is no need for formal TSO consultations. The concerned NRAs understand that this approach support a timely and less complex completion of the project, since less coordination is required.

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  • Requirements Pertaining Only to Federal Grants and Subrecipient Agreements If this Agreement is a grant that is funded in whole or in part by Federal funds:

  • Committee on Trade in Goods 1. The Parties hereby establish a Committee on Trade in Goods, comprising representatives of each Party.

  • Procurement from UN Agencies Goods estimated to cost less than $100,000 equivalent per contract may be procured directly from Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office (IAPSO) in accordance with the provisions of paragraphs 3.1 and 3.9 of the Procurement Guidelines.

  • Representations and Indemnities of Broker Relationships Lessee and Lessor each represent and warrant to the other that it has had no dealings with any person, firm, broker or finder (other than the Brokers, if any) in connection with this Lease, and that no one other than said named Brokers is entitled to any commission or finder's fee in connection herewith. Lessee and Lessor do each hereby agree to indemnify, protect, defend and hold the other harmless from and against liability for compensation or charges which may be claimed by any such unnamed broker, finder or other similar party by reason of any dealings or actions of the indemnifying Party, including any costs, expenses, attorneys' fees reasonably incurred with respect thereto.

  • Direction to Account Debtors; Contracting Parties; etc Upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, and if the Collateral Agent so directs any Assignor, such Assignor agrees (x) to cause all payments on account of the Receivables and Contracts to be made directly to the Cash Collateral Account, (y) that the Collateral Agent may, at its option, directly notify the obligors with respect to any Receivables and/or under any Contracts to make payments with respect thereto as provided in the preceding clause (x) and (z) that the Collateral Agent may enforce collection of any such Receivables and Contracts and may adjust, settle or compromise the amount of payment thereof, in the same manner and to the same extent as such Assignor. Without notice to or assent by any Assignor, the Collateral Agent may apply any or all amounts then in, or thereafter deposited in, the Cash Collateral Account which application shall be effected in the manner provided in Section 7.4 of this Agreement. The costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) of collection, whether incurred by the relevant Assignor or the Collateral Agent, shall be borne by the relevant Assignor. The Collateral Agent shall deliver a copy of each notice referred to in the preceding clause (y) to the relevant Assignor; provided, that the failure by the Collateral Agent to so notify such Assignor shall not affect the effectiveness of such notice or the other rights of the Collateral Agent created by this Section 3.3.

  • Cooperation with Rating Agencies and Investors Borrower covenants and agrees that if Lender decides to include the Loan as an asset of a Secondary Market Transaction, Borrower will do all of the following:

  • Drawings Submitted During the Contract Term Where required to develop maintain and deliver diagrams or other technical schematics regarding the scope of work, Contractor shall do so on an ongoing basis at no additional charge, and must, as a condition of payment, update drawings and plans during the Contract term to reflect additions, alterations, and deletions. Such drawings and diagrams shall be delivered to the Authorized User’s representative.

  • Opinion and 10b-5 Statement of Counsel for the Underwriters The Representatives shall have received on and as of the Closing Date or the Additional Closing Date, as the case may be, an opinion and 10b-5 statement of Xxxxx Xxxx & Xxxxxxxx LLP, counsel for the Underwriters, with respect to such matters as the Representatives may reasonably request, and such counsel shall have received such documents and information as they may reasonably request to enable them to pass upon such matters.

  • Covenant to Provide Financial Information and Maintain Sufficient Capital The Administrator shall obtain and maintain the necessary capital to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement and shall remain solvent. The Administrator will report to the Issuer on a semi-annual basis its current and total assets, current and total liabilities, and total equity and the Company intends to include such amounts in its SEC reports.

  • Corporate Examinations and Investigations Prior to the Closing, each party shall be entitled, through its employees and representatives, to make such investigations and examinations of the books, records and financial condition of the Acquiree and the Acquiror (and any Subsidiary) as each party may reasonably request. In order that each party may have the full opportunity to do so, the Acquiree and the Acquiror, the Acquiree Shareholder shall furnish each party and its representatives during such period with all such information concerning the affairs of the Acquiree or the Acquiror or any Subsidiary as each party or its representatives may reasonably request and cause the Acquiree or the Acquiror and their respective officers, employees, consultants, agents, accountants and attorneys to cooperate fully with each party’s representatives in connection with such review and examination and to make full disclosure of all information and documents requested by each party and/or its representatives. Any such investigations and examinations shall be conducted at reasonable times and under reasonable circumstances, it being agreed that any examination of original documents will be at each party’s premises, with copies thereof to be provided to each party and/or its representatives upon request.