PROJECT BACKGROUND. 6.1.1. Brief description of Contracting Agency’s project background and/or situation leading to this Project
PROJECT BACKGROUND. The BBA program at Yorkville University was designated by Order-in-Council under the New Brunswick Degree Granting Act in May 2012 and offered its first classes in October 2012. The program was approved as a degree completion opportunity for individuals who wish to build upon their prior academic credentials and earn an undergraduate degree. Xxxxxxxxxx College is authorized under the Ontario Private Career Colleges Act (2005), to offer programs which fit the criteria for transfer to the YU BBA program.
PROJECT BACKGROUND. The Mid-City Pipeline is a two-phase project to provide a parallel and redundant pipeline for the City of San Diego’s aging 54-inch Trojan Potable Water Transmission Pipeline (Trojan Pipeline). Phase 1 consisted of the downstream portion of the pipeline, with 4.5-mile stretch of 48-inch- diameter water transmission piping located predominately along El Cajon Boulevard. This project was completed in 2002. Montezuma/Mid-City Pipeline Phase II will install 6,000 feet of 66-inch steel pipeline from the Xxxxxxxx Water Treatment Plant (AWTP) to the intersection of 00xx Xxxxxx and El Cajon Boulevard. The north terminus of the pipeline will be connected to where the Xxxx Xxxxxx Reservoir Outlet Pipeline intersects the Clear Xxxxx Interconnect Pipeline. The south terminus will be connected to the Mid-City Pipeline Phase 1. The pipeline will extend through the City of La Mesa and will consist of a trenchless construction crossing under the Caltrans Interstate 8 freeway (I-8) and Metropolitan Transit System’s (MTS) light rail lines. This new 66-inch CMLC steel pipeline, named the Montezuma/Mid-City Pipeline Phase II, will complete the Mid-City Pipeline project. At its completion, the Mid-City Pipeline will deliver up to 43 million gallons per day (MGD) of water from the AWTP to the Mid-City area, and allow the Trojan Pipeline to be taken out of service for maintenance and repair without impacting water service. The recommended alignment, in the 10% Engineering Design Report Prepared by Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxx, is located primarily within heavily-traveled public road right-of-ways, with portions running through residential neighborhoods, and small portions of the alignment crossing private property. The project will require both open-trench and trenchless construction, a maintenance access road, community coordination, permits, and traffic control design as additional elements of the project. Several key elements of the Phase 2 project include: • Caltrans I-8 freeway crossing, near 00xx Xxxxxx – Trenchless Construction; • City Transit Authority Light Rail Crossing, near 70th Street – Trenchless Construction; • High Traffic Urban Streets – Open Trench Construction; and • Commercial and Residential Streets through the Cities of La Mesa and San Diego – Open Trench Construction. PHASE A – DESIGN SCOPE OF SERVICES SUMMARY OF DESIGN SCOPE OF SERVICES This Design Scope of Services defines the extent of the Design Consultant’s engineering services needed for the Montezuma/Mid-City...
PROJECT BACKGROUND. The City of Burbank has completed plans, specifications, and engineer’s estimate for the five traffic signals within this project. The project is ready for advertisement and construction. PROJECT BUDGET: COMPONENT AMOUNT PA/ED $ 0 PS and E $ 0 R/W Support $ 0 R/W Capital $ 0 Construction Support $100,000 Construction Capital $700,000 Total Budget $800,000 A detailed budget breakdown is provided below. DESCRIPTION QTY UNIT ESTIMATE Mobilization 1 LS $ 25,000.00 Temporary Traffic Control 1 LS $ 25,000.00 Environmental/NPDES Compliance 1 LS $ 25,000.00 Third at Angeleno 1 LS $ 105,000.00 Buena Vista at Tulare 1 LS $ 105,000.00 Buena Vista at Xxxxxxxx 1 LS $ 115,000.00 Olive at Virginia 1 LS $ 135,000.00 Magnolia at Xxxxx 1 LS $ 165,000.00 $700,000.00 SCOPE: The Project features include, but are not limited to, the following:
PROJECT BACKGROUND. Guwahati is the largest city in Assam and in the Northeastern region of India. The city has a well- developed connectivity with the rest of the country and acts as the gateway to the entire Northeastern India region. Its population in 2001 was approximately 0.89 million and it has increased by 25% to about
PROJECT BACKGROUND. Within the next few years, Fort Bend County Precinct 1 proposes to widen the existing Xxxxxx Road right-of-way (ROW), from south of X. Xxxxx Road to Rohan Road, to facilitate the construction of a boulevard roadway. Also, Rohan Road will be widened to a 41-foot roadway.
PROJECT BACKGROUND. Xxxxx Creek is currently a perennial stream that extends 30 miles from the eastern slope of Mount Diablo to the San Xxxxxxx Delta. Xxxxx Creek is currently a trapezoidal flood control channel with steep (2:1 slope) earthen banks, a partially armored ( r ip rap) bottom, and non-native, weedy vegetation. The creek was channelized by the Soil Conservation Service in the xxxxx0000x to provide flood protection and erosion control for an agricultural landscape, but recent urbanization has increased both flood peaks and the need for improved flood protection. New residents and changing values have also changed expectations about how Xxxxx Creek should look and function. For over fifty years the District has prevented the establishment of any riparian vegetation in accordance with the original project operations and maintenance manual to maintain the flood control functions of the channel. Today, hundreds of residents walk along Xxxxx Creek daily and desire a more natural creek that is capable of supporting a diversity of native plant and animal species. The Project is a unique opportunity to excavate a new floodplain and expand the channel along 1,400 linear feet of creek between Sand Creek and the Union Pacific Railroad crossing to create enough room for both improved flood protection and establishment of riparian vegetation. American Rivers and the District are working together with the Friends of Xxxxx Creek Watershed, the City of Brentwood, and an adjacent developer to integrate the Project into linear parks and a subdivision planned for adjacent parcels. The Project and adjacent parks will transform this easily accessible area near downtown Brentwood into a natural destination spot for the community members of Brentwood, Oakley and the surrounding region. It will become a place where community members will travel to discover and enjoy the natural beauty of Xxxxx Creek, where they can stop and enjoy the shade, and look for river otters and spawning salmon.
PROJECT BACKGROUND. The City of Redwood City is currently in the process of considering changes to its existing General Plan, Specific Plan and Zoning designations for a proposed development in its Redwood Peninsula area. Figures 1-1 and 1-2 show the regional and site location maps. As a component of this decision-making process, the City required that a comprehensive Environmental Impact Report (EIR) be prepared in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). The EIR was certified on December 6, 1988. Certification of the Final EIR (FEIR) was appealed by local residents. The City Council upheld certification of the FEIR after considering the appeal at three public hearings and in doing so placed specific conditions on the certification. The conditions included preparation of a Supplemental EIR (SEIR) which contains: o Amore detailed site plan. o Assessment of health risks associated with site development and occupancy.
PROJECT BACKGROUND. Gogo shall deploy in the next months a new Air-To-Ground (ATG 4) solution that shall incorporate two ATG 4 links. Each ATG 4 link shall be an EVDO RevB Aircard, with peak channel rates of [***] in the FL and [***] in the RL, however note that the median channel rates shall be closer to [***] in the FL and [***] for the RL. As in any radio network, channel rates shall vary based on RF conditions and the expectation for ATG 4 shall be that each modem shall vary from 0 to 4.9 Mbps through the flight. [***] [***] This document defines the set of requirements that the XipLink solution must meet for ATG4 solution.
PROJECT BACKGROUND. To adequately assess potential health risks at a site, an understanding of previous site uses and proposed site activities is necessary. The following sections briefly summarize the site history and relevant site activities associated with the proposed development.