DSC Sample Clauses

DSC. All decisions of the DSC shall be made consistent with, and within the financial constraints of, the then-applicable, approved Development Plan and Budget. All decisions of the DSC shall be made by unanimous decision of the Parties, except that if the DSC is unable to reach unanimous decision on any issue, the ViroPharma representatives on the DSC shall have the deciding vote, except
DSC. Since 1982, DSC has been the gathering point for hunters, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts. As an international organization, DSC offers a grant in aid program that contributes millions of dollars each year to programs and projects promoting DSC’s mission to conserve wildlife and wilderness lands, to educate youth and the general public, and to promote and protect the rights and interests of hunters worldwide. DSC has been formally admitted as a member of the IUCN, the United NationsInternational Union for the Conservation of Nature. The admission follows a lengthy and rigorous application process, and positions DSC within one of the world’s most influential and respected conservation bodies. DSC has also been admitted to CITES. DSC’s ongoing growth is reflected in its expanding chapter and membership base, which is a testament to its grass roots efforts. NAFA: North American Falconers Association was founded in 1961 to encourage the proper practice of the Cultural Heritage art of falconry and the wise use and conservation of birds of prey. From a handful of members in its early years, NAFA has grown to a membership today of approximately 2,000 and is today the largest membership falconry organization in the world. Though founded principally to represent the interests of North American members, NAFA gladly accepts members from all countries who share in our passion for birds of prey and falconry.
DSC. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, any and all DSC Software (except for those portions of the source code of the Software which are reproduced in substantially their original form in the DSC Software); any permissible modifications, translations, adaptations and enhancements of the Software or any DSC software; any and all permissible derivative works created by DSC even though they may be based on, or incorporate portions of, the Software and/or the Software Documentation; and all patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights contained or embodied in any of the foregoing shall be and remain the property of DSC.

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