Default Under The Indenture Sample Clauses

Default Under The Indenture. An Event of Default occurs and is continuing under the Indenture; or
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Default Under The Indenture. (a) In the event of any Indenture Default, the Indenture Trustee or any Holder of an Outstanding Obligation may demand, in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.02 of the Indenture, on behalf of the Holders of all the Obligations then Outstanding, payment by the Secretary of the unpaid principal and interest to the date of payment on all Outstanding Obligations.
Default Under The Indenture. Notwithstanding any provisions in this Escrow Agreement to the contrary, upon receipt by the Escrow Agent of a notice from any of the Trustee, the Collateral Trustee, the Warrant Agent, the Owner Trustee, the Administrator or Holders or Beneficial Holders of at least 25% in aggregate principal amount of the Senior Notes then outstanding that a Default or an Event of Default has occurred, then the Escrow Agent shall not remit the Remaining Earnings to the Company unless and until (i) the Escrow Agent receives written notice from the Trustee that such Default or Event of Default has been cured or waived and (ii) the Company provides to the Escrow Agent an Officers' Certificate certifying that there is then no Default or Event of Default that has occurred and that is then continuing which has not been cured or waived. Notwithstanding any provision in this Escrow Agreement to the contrary, upon receipt of a notice from any of the Trustee or the Holders or Beneficial Holders of at least 25% of the then outstanding Senior Notes that the Senior Notes have been or thereby are declared to be due and payable immediately, the Escrow Agent shall (a) forthwith remit all Remaining Earnings to the Trustee for application in accordance with Section 6.10 of the Indenture, and (b) comply with all entitlement orders or other directions concerning the Escrow Account originated by the Trustee, without any requirement of notice to or consent by the Company.

Related to Default Under The Indenture

  • Event of Default Defined The occurrence of any one or more of the following shall constitute an Event of Default under this Agreement, and any Event of Default which may occur hereunder shall constitute an Event of Default under each of the other Loan Documents:

  • Events of Default, Etc During the period during which an Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing:

  • Events of Default Defined The following shall be “Events of Default” under this Agreement and the term “Event of Default” shall mean, whenever it is used in this Agreement, any one or more of the following events:

  • Remedies of the Trustee and Securityholders on Event of Default SECTION 5.1 Event of Default Defined; Acceleration of Maturity; Waiver of Default. "

  • Events of Default; Notice (a) The Guarantee Trustee shall, within 90 days after the occurrence of an Event of Default, transmit by mail, first class postage prepaid, to the Holders of the Capital Securities and the Guarantor, notices of all Events of Default actually known to a Responsible Officer of the Guarantee Trustee, unless such defaults have been cured before the giving of such notice, provided, however, that the Guarantee Trustee shall be protected in withholding such notice if and so long as a Responsible Officer of the Guarantee Trustee in good faith determines that the withholding of such notice is in the interests of the Holders of the Capital Securities.

  • Additional Remedies of Trustee Upon Event of Default During the continuance of any Event of Default, so long as such Event of Default shall not have been remedied, the Trustee, in addition to the rights specified in Section 6.14, shall have the right, in its own name and as trustee of the Trust Fund, to take all actions now or hereafter existing at law, in equity or by statute to enforce its rights and remedies and to protect the interests, and enforce the rights and remedies, of the Certificateholders (including the institution and prosecution of all judicial, administrative and other proceedings and the filings of proofs of claim and debt in connection therewith). Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, no remedy provided for by this Agreement shall be exclusive of any other remedy, and each and every remedy shall be cumulative and in addition to any other remedy, and no delay or omission to exercise any right or remedy shall impair any such right or remedy or shall be deemed to be a waiver of any Event of Default.

  • Servicer Events of Default The following events and conditions shall constitute Servicer Events of Default hereunder:

  • Additional Events of Default The parties hereto acknowledge, confirm and agree that the failure of Borrower or any Guarantor to comply with any of the covenants, conditions and agreements contained herein or in any other agreement, document or instrument at any time executed by Borrower or any Guarantor in connection herewith shall constitute an Event of Default under the Financing Agreements.

  • Certain Events of Default The following Events of Default will apply to the parties as specified below, and the definition of “Event of Default” in Section 14 is deemed to be modified accordingly:

  • Additional Event of Default The following will constitute an additional Event of Default with respect to Party B: "NOTE ACCELERATION NOTICE. A Note Acceleration Notice is served on Party B in relation to the Relevant Notes."

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