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Current Terms. A current version of our Agreement, the Acceptable Use Policy and the Schedule of Fees and Charges may be found at
Current Terms. A current version of our Standard Form of Agreement, the Schedule of Fees and Charges and the Conditions of Service may be found at

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  • Agreement Terms The terms of the Agreement conform to University policy. The period of performance for the project is approximately two (2) years. The amount of funding support will not exceed $230,000. Since research projects are often amended, this agreement includes a provision for changes in time and scope. University procedures for approval of these changes will be followed and additional conflict of interest review will be done as appropriate.

  • Employment Terms As a condition to your employment with the Company, you are required to (a) sign and return a satisfactory I-9 Immigration form providing sufficient documentation establishing your employment eligibility in the United States, and (b) provide satisfactory proof of your identity as required by United States law.

  • Repayment Terms (a) The Borrower will pay interest on September 1, 1997, and then monthly thereafter until payment in full of any principal outstanding under this line of credit.

  • Amendment Terms All revisions to this Agreement may only be made by written amendment executed by both parties and approved by the Office of the Attorney General prior to the end date of this Agreement.

  • Contract Terms The contract term will be one (1) year, effective from date of award. The City and the Supplier shall have the option to renew this contract for an additional two (2) one-year periods. The contract shall commence upon the issuance of a Notice of Award by the City of Xxxxxx and shall automatically renew each year, from the date of award by City Council, unless either party notifies the other prior to the scheduled renewal date. At the sole option of the City of Xxxxxx, the contract may be further extended as needed, not to exceed a total of six (6) months.

  • Grant Terms The funding for this Agreement is provided in full or in part by a Federal or State Grant to the City. As part of the terms of receiving the funds, the City is required to incorporate some of the terms into this Agreement. The incorporated terms may be found in Appendix [choose C/D/E etc.], “Grant Terms.” To the extent that any Grant Term is inconsistent with any other provisions of this Agreement such that Contractor is unable to comply with both the Grant Term and the other provision(s), the Grant Term shall apply.

  • Payment Terms An invoice for services/activities shall be submitted to the address specified below upon the completion of the services/activities and approval of the County Project Manager. Subrecipient shall reference Contract number on invoice. Payment will be net 30 days after receipt of an invoice, contingent upon availability of funds, in a format acceptable to the County of Orange, verified and approved by OC Community Resources and subject to routine processing requirements of the County. The responsibility for providing an acceptable invoice rests with the Subrecipient. Billing shall cover services not previously invoiced. The Subrecipient shall reimburse the County of Orange for any monies paid to the Subrecipient for services not provided or when services do not meet the Contract requirements. Payments made by the County shall not preclude the right of the County from thereafter disputing any items or services involved or billed under this Contract and shall not be construed as acceptance of any part of the services. Invoice(s) are to be sent to: OC Community Resources Accounting 000 X Xxxx Xx, 6th Floor, Santa Ana, CA 92701 INVOICING INSTRUCTIONS: Further instructions regarding invoicing/reimbursement as set forth in Exhibit 1-OC Community Resources Contract Reimbursement Policy, are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. The Subrecipient will provide an invoice on Subrecipient’s letterhead for services rendered. Each invoice will have a number and will include the following information: The Demand Letter/Invoice must include Delivery Order (DO) Number, Contract Number, Service date(s) – Month of Service along with other required documentation (See Exhibit 1).

  • Pricing and Payment Terms Customer Payment terms shall be as set forth in the Master Agreement.

  • Settlement Terms Unless otherwise defined herein, all terms in this Order shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Agreement.

  • Where Term Less Than Agreement Term Where a provision of this collective agreement so provides, the provision shall be in effect for a term less than the term of the collective agreement.