Crew Sample Clauses

Crew. The officers and crew of each LNG Vessel shall have the ability, experience, licenses and training commensurate with the performance of their duties in accordance with internationally accepted standards as adopted on first-class LNG vessels and as required by Governmental Authorities and any labor organization having jurisdiction over the LNG Vessel or her crew. Without in any way limiting the foregoing, the master, chief engineer, all cargo engineers and all deck officers shall be fluent in written and oral English and shall maintain all records and provide all reports with respect to the LNG Vessel in English.
Crew a) The OWNER shall provide a Captain qualified in accordance with the Vessel’s flag state requirements and acceptable to the insurers of the Vessel. He shall also provide a suitably qualified and properly trained Crew. No member of the Crew shall carry or use any illegal drugs on board the Vessel or keep any firearms on board (other than those declared on the manifest) and the Captain and Crew shall com ply with the laws and regulations of any country into whose waters the Vessel shall enter during the course of this Agreement.
Crew. In the case of a Line-run means a full or partial work week of Work Shifts that will not number more than five (5) in total.
Crew. Point of Discovery School students will participate in teams called “crews” and meet with an adult advisor on a daily basis to participate in book clubs, character development activities and discussions, track academic progress, participate in school clubs, organize student work for exit portfolios, student led- conferences, and exhibitions.
Crew. Utilize the same crew(s) to perform the work in accordance with the requirements herein, whenever possible, so that the personnel can remain familiar with the Project.
Crew. A work week schedule of assignments identified and organized by the Deputy General Manager, Operations or designate.
Crew. Reference is made to the Second Amended and Restated Credit Agreement, dated as of May , 2007 (as the same may be amended, restated, supplemented or otherwise modified from time to time, the “Credit Agreement”), among J. CREW OPERATING CORP., a Delaware corporation (“Operating”), J. CREW INC., a New Jersey corporation (“J. Crew”), XXXXX XXXXXX, INC., a Delaware corporation doing business as J. CREW RETAIL (“Retail”), H.F.D. No. 55, INC., a Delaware corporation doing business as J. Crew Factory (“Factory”), Xxxxxxxx Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Madewell”, and together with Factory, J. Crew, Retail, and Operating, each individually a “Borrower” and collectively, the “Borrowers”), J. CREW GROUP, INC., a Delaware corporation (“Holdings”) and J. CREW INTERNATIONAL, INC., a Delaware corporation (“JCI” and together with Holdings, each individually a “Guarantor” and collectively, the “Guarantors”), the Lenders, the Issuers and CITICORP USA, INC. (“Citicorp”), as administrative agent for the Lenders and the Issuers (in such capacity, the “Administrative Agent”), Citicorp, as collateral agent for the Lenders and the Issuers (in such capacity, the “Collateral Agent”) and BANK OF AMERICA, N.A, and WACHOVIA BANK, NATIONAL ASSOCIATION as syndication agents for the Lenders and Issuers (in such capacity, the “Syndication Agents”). Capitalized terms used herein and not otherwise defined herein are used herein as defined in the Credit Agreement. The Borrowers hereby give you notice, irrevocably, pursuant to Section 2.4(c) (Letters of Credit) of the Credit Agreement that the undersigned requests the issuance of a Letter of Credit by [Name of Issuer] in the form of a [standby] [documentary] letter of credit for the benefit of [Name of Beneficiary], in the amount of [$ ] to be issued on . (the “Issue Date”) and having an expiration date of , . The form of the requested Letter of Credit is attached hereto. The undersigned hereby certify that the following statements are true on the date hereof and shall be true on the Issue Date both before and after giving effect thereto:
Crew. The following Crew costs are charged at a fixed cost based on the agreed budget and subject to the Vessel’s Crew complement and trading area remaining unchanged (Fixed Cost Invoice - Crewing Costs): Recruitment costs to include: Mxxxxxx and mobilization fees Medical costs Training costs Visa costs (excluding USA) Domestic travel Wage related union and social costs Flag required licenses MSO communications Bank charges (in relation to allotments by the local mxxxxxx offices i.e. Manila) Working gear (2 Boiler suits and 1 pair of safety shoes) If the Vessel’s Crew complement and/or trading area are changed with the result that these costs increase the Owners agree that the fixed cost shall be revised as may be mutually agreed. The Managers shall not be required to provide to the Owners any invoices or related documentation other than the Fixed Cost Invoice. Other Crew costs are charged at cost including: Crew Travel Crew Wages ITF fee, SEPF PNO fee Victualling at US$8.00 (excluding bottle of water) D&A testing Crew welfare Mail for Crew Newslink Bank charges
Crew. The number of Stage Technicians required for performance, load-ins, set-ups, rehearsals and load-outs shall be as determined by the Technical Coordinator or designate in consultation with the Union. All Stage Technicians, regardless of department or position, must meet the minimum orientation and qualification requirements as outlined in Clause 4.5.
Crew. A. Lessor shall ensure that for each flight conducted under this Agreement, the Aircraft will be under the command of a flight crew which is duly licensed and rated by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and which has appropriate currency in landing (day and night), instrument flight requirements as well as current medical certification. All flight crewmembers shall be included on any insurance policies that Lessor is required to maintain hereunder.