Colours Sample Clauses

Colours. 4:1. As per league rules, in the event of a colour clash, the AWAY team shall change. No players kit, including the goal keeper shall be black or very dark, which may cause a clash with the Referee. No training bibs shall be worn in Cup Final Games.
Colours. 7.1. All Clubs on entering the competition shall notify the Secretary of the Association of their colours. Where competing colours are similar, the Club which has been drawn away shall change.
Colours. Colours such as red and blue are commonly used to distinguish hot and cold for example. However, status should not be indicated by colour alone since a significant portion of the male population has problems distinguishing red/green or blue/yellow. In addition older adults are prone to decreased sensitivity to colour particularly for yellow and blue/green combinations (Echt in Xxxxxxx et al., 2003). Therefore avoid signalling important information using short wavelength (blue-violet-green) contrasts (Xxxx et al., 2004); these combinations can be used in decorative graphic elements as long as their use does not require discrimination for the understanding of the graphic (Xxxxxxx et al., 2003). References to colours in text should be avoided in general because they may not be detectable to all readers, especially individuals who are colour blind (Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxx in Xxxxxxx et al., 2003). People with retinitis pigmentosa often have difficulty reading red displays (Xxxx, 2004).
Colours. The colour of the walls, carpeting, and chairs must be neutral as either solid grey or solid blue to provide visual definition to the participants relative to the background. The purpose of the solid colour is to avoid the reflected light from the background affecting colour quality of the camera images.
Colours. Website visitors use different monitors with different settings. Colours and image quality of the website including graphics and photography will shift between computers and monitors.
Colours. Due to the variations of browser software and monitors, the actual colour of goods may vary from that shown on the web site.
Colours. 1. The front wall of the Lecture Theatre will be finished in a uniform, matte, light grey color (or approved alternative) to provide suitable video camera backdrops. Materials, finishes and colours to be reviewed with the Authority
Colours. 1. The finishes and colours to be reviewed with the Authority for Classroom, Learning Space, Computer Lab, and Meeting Room type spaces.
Colours. All Beonstone products are made from natural materials that may vary slightly over time. Therefore, it is normal that the completed construction may show such colour variations. The colours used to illustrate products in our print and digital media are as accurate as printing processes and screen calibrations allow. It is strongly recommended to choose the final colour of the product using a real sample available from your Permacon products dealer.
Colours. 1. The materials, finishes and colours of The Xxxxxxx X Xxxxx Gallery, Concourse & Library/Learning Commons and Media Gallery exhibition space to be reviewed with the Authority.