CLTV Sample Clauses

CLTV. As of any date and as to any Second Lien Loan, the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of the (a) sum of (i) the outstanding principal balance of such Second Lien Loan and (ii) the outstanding principal balance as of such date of any mortgage loan or mortgage loans that are senior or equal in priority to such Second Lien Loan and which are secured by the same Mortgaged Property to (b) the appraised value of the Mortgaged Property.
CLTV. The CLTV does not exceed 100% and any Senior Lien encumbering the related Mortgaged Property does not have a mandatory future advance provision, and if any Senior Lien has a negative amortization feature, the CLTV was determined using the maximum loan amount of such Senior Lien;
CLTV. As of the date of origination, the Combined Loan-to-Value Ratio of such Revolving Credit Loan is as specified in the applicable Revolving Credit Loan Schedule;
CLTV. The Mortgage Loan has a CLTV less than or equal to ---- 100%.
CLTV. No Mortgage Loan has a CLTV greater than 130%.
CLTV. With respect to any Mortgage Loan, as of any date of determination, the ratio (expressed as a percentage), the numerator of which is the principal balance of such Mortgage Loan plus the principal balance of any mortgage loan that creates a lien on the related Mortgaged Property that is senior to such Mortgage Loan, and the denominator of which is the Appraised Value of the related Mortgaged Property.
CLTV. No Mortgage Loan has a CLTV in excess of 100%;
CLTV. No Mortgage Loan has a CLTV greater than 100%.
CLTV. No Ownit Mortgage Loan that is a second lien Mortgage Loan has a combined loan-to-value ratio in excess of 100%;