Certain Savings Accounts Sample Clauses

Certain Savings Accounts. 1. An account established and maintained in the Slovak Republic that satisfies any of the following:
Certain Savings Accounts. I. Retirement and Pension Account. A retirement or pension account maintained in India that satisfies the following requirements under the laws of India.
Certain Savings Accounts. 1. a) A Retirement Savings Account maintained in the Czech Republic that satisfies the requirements under the laws of the Czech Republic on Retirement Savings,
Certain Savings Accounts 

Related to Certain Savings Accounts

  • Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt trust or custodial account established exclusively for the purpose of paying qualified medical expenses of the member who is covered under a high deductible health plan. The member must be covered under the HSA plan for the months in which contributions are made. HIGH DEDUCTIBLE HEALTH PLAN (HDHP) is a health plan that satisfies certain requirements with respect to deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. The plan cannot provide payment for any covered healthcare service until the plan year deductible is satisfied, with the exception of preventive care services. HOSPITAL means a facility: • that provides medical and surgical care for patients who have acute illnesses or injuries; and • is either listed as a hospital by the American Hospital Association (AHA) or accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO).

  • Retirement Accounts With respect to certain retirement plans or accounts (such as individual retirement accounts (“IRAs”), SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, Xxxx IRAs, Education IRAs, and 403(b) Plans (such accounts, “Retirement Accounts”), the Transfer Agent, at the request and expense of the Fund, provide or arrange for the provision of various services to such plans and/or accounts, which services may include custodial agent services such as account set-up maintenance, and disbursements as well as such other services as the parties hereto shall mutually agree upon.

  • Cash Accounts The Custodian will open and maintain in the name of the Client one or more cash deposit accounts (each a “Cash Account”) in such currencies as may be required in connection with the investment activity of the Client.

  • Special Accounts 1. For the purposes of this Schedule:

  • Separate Accounts If the Fund has more than one series or portfolio, the Bank will segregate the assets of each series or portfolio to which this Agreement relates into a separate account for each such series or portfolio containing the assets of such series or portfolio (and all investment earnings thereon). Unless the context otherwise requires, any reference in this Agreement to any actions to be taken by the Fund shall be deemed to refer to the Fund acting on behalf of one or more of its series, any reference in this Agreement to any assets of the Fund, including, without limitation, any portfolio securities and cash and earnings thereon, shall be deemed to refer only to assets of the applicable series, any duty or obligation of the Bank hereunder to the Fund shall be deemed to refer to duties and obligations with respect to such individual series and any obligation or liability of the Fund hereunder shall be binding only with respect to such individual series, and shall be discharged only out of the assets of such series.

  • Set Up Accounts (a) Bank shall establish and maintain the following accounts ("Accounts"):

  • Checking Accounts The Credit Union may refuse any check or other item drawn against your account or used to withdraw funds from your account if it is not on a form approved by us. We also reserve the right to refuse any check or other item drawn against your account or used to withdraw funds from your account if made in a manner not specifically authorized for your account, if made more frequently or in a greater number than specifically permitted for your account, or if made in an amount less than the minimum withdrawal or transfer specifically permitted for your account. If we accept a check or other item not on a form approved by us, you will be responsible for any loss by us in handling the item. We may pay checks or other items drawn upon your account in any order determined by us, even if paying a particular check or item results in an insufficient balance in your account to pay one or more other items that otherwise could have been paid out of your account. Because of the nature of the Credit Union check program, neither the Credit Union nor any other processing entities shall be responsible for the authenticity of the checks with regard to the signature or alterations; and checks, when presented, shall be paid without verification. We may disregard all information on or any writing or memorandum attached to any check or item except for your signature, the amount and the information that is magnetically encoded. You agree that we do not fail to use ordinary care because our procedures do not provide for sight examination. You will notify us immediately if you learn or have reason to know that any of your checks have been lost or stolen. If you are negligent in safeguarding your checks or if there is a processing problem due to your use of a check printer we do not approve, we will not have any liability or responsibility for any losses you incur as a result if we act in good faith pursuant to standard commercial practices.

  • Management Accounts The Management Accounts:

  • Financial Accounts Exhibit E, as may be updated by the Borrower in a written notice provided to Agent after the Closing Date, is a true, correct and complete list of (a) all banks and other financial institutions at which Borrower or any Subsidiary maintains Deposit Accounts and (b) all institutions at which Borrower or any Subsidiary maintains an account holding Investment Property, and such exhibit correctly identifies the name, address and telephone number of each bank or other institution, the name in which the account is held, a description of the purpose of the account, and the complete account number therefor.