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By Trust. Trust Company shall not be responsible for, and the Trust shall indemnify and hold Trust Company harmless from and against, any and all losses, damages, costs, charges, counsel fees, payments, expenses and liabilities arising out of or attributable to:
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By Trust. In addition to any other representations, covenants and --- -------- warranties of the Trust under this Agreement, the Trust hereby represents, warrants and covenants to the Investment Manager, each of which is deemed, as the case may be, to be a separate representation, warranty and covenant, that:
By Trust. Trust hereby represents and warrants to, and covenants with, Custodian, each Seller and UBS that, as of the date hereof and throughout the term of this Agreement:

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  • Actions by Trustee SECTION 5.1 Prior Notice to Certificateholders with Respect to Certain Matters............. 21 SECTION 5.2 Action by Trustee with Respect to Certain Matters.............................. 22 SECTION 5.3

  • Collection Suit by Trustee If an Event of Default specified in Section 6.1(1) or (2) occurs and is continuing, the Trustee may recover judgment in its own name and as trustee of an express trust against the Company for the whole amount then due and owing (together with interest on any unpaid interest to the extent lawful) and the amounts provided for in Section 7.7.

  • Reports by Trustee (a) The Trustee shall transmit to Holders such reports concerning the Trustee and its actions under this Indenture as may be required pursuant to the Trust Indenture Act at the times and in the manner provided pursuant thereto.

  • Reports by Trustee to the Holders As promptly as practicable after each June 30 beginning with the June 30 following the date of this Indenture, and in any event prior to August 30 in each year, the Trustee shall send to each Holder a brief report dated as of such June 30 that complies with Section 313(a) of the TIA if and to the extent required thereby. The Trustee shall also comply with Section 313(b) of the TIA. A copy of each report at the time of its mailing to the Holders shall be filed with the SEC and each stock exchange (if any) on which the Securities are listed. The Issuer agrees to notify promptly the Trustee in writing whenever the Securities become listed on any stock exchange and of any delisting thereof.

  • Accounting by Trustee Trustee shall keep accurate and detailed records of all investments, receipts, disbursements, and all other transactions required to be made, including such specific records as shall be agreed upon in writing between Company and Trustee. Within sixty (60) days following the close of each calendar year and within sixty (60) days after the removal or resignation of Trustee, Trustee shall deliver to Company a written account of its administration of the Trust during such year or during the period from the close of the last preceding year to the date of such removal or resignation, setting forth all investments, receipts, disbursements and other transactions effected by it, including a description of all securities and investments purchased and sold with the cost or net proceeds of such purchases or sales (accrued interest paid or receivable being shown separately), and showing all cash, securities and other property held in the Trust at the end of such year or as of the date of such removal or resignation, as the case may be.

  • Redemption by Trust (a) Unless the Trustees otherwise determine with respect to a particular Series or Class at the time of establishing and designating the same, each Share of each Series or Class thereof that has been established and designated is subject to redemption (out of the assets belonging to the applicable Series or Class) by the Trust at the redemption price which would be applicable if such Share were then being redeemed by the Shareholder pursuant to Section 7.2 at any time if the Trustees determine that it is in the best interest of the Trust to so redeem such Shares, which determination may be delegated to the investment adviser of the Trust. Upon such redemption the holders of the Shares so redeemed shall have no further right with respect thereto other than to receive payment of such redemption price. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Trustees may cause the Trust to redeem (out of the assets belonging to the applicable Series or Class) all of the Shares of one or more Series or Classes held by (i) any Shareholder if the value of such Shares held by such Shareholder is less than the minimum amount established from time to time by the Trustees, (ii) all Shareholders of one or more Series or Classes if the value of such Shares held by all Shareholders is less than the minimum amount established from time to time by the Trustees or (iii) any Shareholder to reimburse the Trust for any loss or expense it has sustained or incurred by reason of the failure of such Shareholder to make full payment for Shares purchased by such Shareholder, or by reason of any defective redemption request, or by reason of indebtedness incurred because of such Shareholder or to collect any charge relating to a transaction effected for the benefit of such Shareholder or as provided in the prospectus relating to such Shares.

  • Reliance by Trustee Except as otherwise provided in Section 7.1:

  • Acceptance of REMIC I by Trustee The Trustee acknowledges receipt by the Custodian subject to the provisions of Section 2.01 above and subject to any exceptions noted on the exception report described in the next paragraph below, of the documents referred to in Section 2.01 (other than such documents described in Section 2.01(v)) and all other assets included in the definition of "REMIC I" under clauses (i), (iii), (iv) and (v) (to the extent of amounts attributable thereto deposited into the Certificate Account) and declares that it holds and will hold such documents and the other documents delivered to it constituting a Mortgage File, and that it holds or will hold all such assets and such other assets included in the definition of "REMIC I" in trust for the exclusive use and benefit of all present and future Certificateholders. The Trustee, for the benefit of the Certificateholders, shall cause the Custodian to review each Mortgage File in accordance with the Custodial Agreement, on or before the Closing Date, and the Trustee shall cause the Custodian to certify in substantially the form attached to the Custodial Agreement as Exhibit 1 that, as to each Mortgage Loan listed in the Mortgage Loan Schedule (other than any Mortgage Loan paid in full or any Mortgage Loan specifically identified in the exception report annexed thereto as not being covered by such certification), (i) all documents constituting part of such Mortgage File (other than such documents described in Section 2.01(v)) required to be delivered to it pursuant to this Agreement are in its possession, (ii) such documents have been reviewed by the Custodian and appear regular on their face and relate to such Mortgage Loan and (iii) based on the Custodian's examination and only as to the foregoing, the information set forth in the Mortgage Loan Schedule that corresponds to items (i), (ii), (x), (xi) and (xiv) of the definition of "Mortgage Loan Schedule" accurately reflects information set forth in the Mortgage File. It is herein acknowledged that, in conducting such review, the Trustee (or the Custodian, as applicable) is under no duty or obligation (i) to inspect, review or examine any such documents, instruments, certificates or other papers to determine whether they are genuine, enforceable, valid, legally binding, effective or appropriate for the represented purpose or whether they have actually been recorded or are in recordable form or that they are other than what they purport to be on their face, (ii) to determine whether any Mortgage File should include any of the documents specified in clause (v) of Section 2.01 or (iii) to determine the perfection or priority of any security interest in any such documents or instruments. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in conducting the review described in this Section 2.02, the Trustee (or the Custodian, if applicable, shall not be responsible for determining (i) if an Assignment is sufficient under the laws of the jurisdiction wherein the related Mortgaged Property is located to reflect of record the sale of the Mortgage or (ii) if a Mortgage creates a first or second lien on, or first or second priority security interest in, a Mortgaged Property. Prior to the first anniversary date of this Agreement, the Trustee shall cause the Custodian to deliver as required under the Custodial Agreement to the Depositor, the Trustee and the Servicer a final certification in the form attached to the Custodial Agreement as Exhibit 2 evidencing the completeness of the Mortgage Files, with any applicable exceptions noted thereon, and the Servicer shall forward a copy thereof to any Sub-Servicer. If in the process of reviewing the Mortgage Files and making or preparing, as the case may be, the certifications referred to above, the Custodian, on behalf of the Trustee, finds any document or documents constituting a part of a Mortgage File to be missing or defective in any material respect, at the conclusion of its review the Custodian, on behalf of the Trustee, shall so notify the Depositor and the Servicer. In addition, upon the discovery by the Depositor, the Servicer, the Custodian or the Trustee of a breach of any of the representations and warranties made by either the Responsible Party or the Seller in the related Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement in respect of any Mortgage Loan which materially adversely affects such Mortgage Loan or the interests of the Certificateholders in such Mortgage Loan, the party discovering such breach shall give prompt written notice to the other parties. The Trustee shall, at the written request and expense of any Certificateholder, cause the Custodian to provide a written report to the Trustee for forwarding to such Certificateholder of all Mortgage Files released to the Servicer for servicing purposes. The Depositor and the Trustee intend that the assignment and transfer herein contemplated is absolute and constitutes a sale of the Mortgage Loans, the related Mortgage Notes and the related documents, conveying good title thereto free and clear of any liens and encumbrances, from the Depositor to the Trustee in trust for the benefit of the Certificateholders and that such property not be part of the Depositor's estate or property of the Depositor in the event of any insolvency by the Depositor. In the event that such conveyance is deemed to be, or to be made as security for, a loan, the parties intend that the Depositor shall be deemed to have granted and does hereby grant to the Trustee a first priority perfected security interest in all of the Depositor's right, title and interest in and to the Mortgage Loans, the related Mortgage Notes and the related documents, and that this Agreement shall constitute a security agreement under applicable law.

  • Judicial Proceedings Instituted by Trustee; Trustee May Bring Suit If there shall be a failure to make payment of the principal of or premium, if any, or interest on any Underlying Security, then the Trustee, in its own name, and as trustee of an express trust, as holder of such Underlying Security, shall be, to the extent permitted by and in accordance with the terms of the Underlying Security, subject to the limitations on acceleration and the exercise of remedies set forth therein, and further subject to the provisions of Sections 7.01(c) and 7.06(f) herein, entitled and empowered to institute Proceedings at law, in equity or otherwise, including the power to make a demand on the trustee in respect of such Underlying Security, if provided for, to take action to enforce the Underlying Security for the collection of the sums so due and unpaid on such Underlying Security and may prosecute any such Proceeding to judgment or final decree with respect to the whole amount of any such sums so due and unpaid.

  • Proceedings by Trustee In case of an Event of Default, the Trustee may in its discretion proceed to protect and enforce the rights vested in it by this Indenture by such appropriate judicial proceedings as are necessary to protect and enforce any of such rights, either by suit in equity or by action at law or by proceeding in bankruptcy or otherwise, whether for the specific enforcement of any covenant or agreement contained in this Indenture or in aid of the exercise of any power granted in this Indenture, or to enforce any other legal or equitable right vested in the Trustee by this Indenture or by law.

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