Bulk Sample Clauses

Bulk. B u l k seeds o r sc r ee n i n gs s h a ll be s a m pled b y i n se r t i n g a lo n g p r obe o r t hru s t i n g t h e h a n d i n t o t h e b u l k a s ci r - c u m s t a n ces r eq u i r e i n a t le a s t seve n un ifo r m l y dis t r ib u t ed p a r t s of t h e q u a n t i t y bei n g s a m pled. A t le a s t a s m a ny t r ie r fu l s o r h a n dfu l s s h a ll be t a k e n a s t h e m i n i m u m w h ic h wo u ld be r eq u i r ed fo r t h e s a m e q u a n t i t y of seed o r sc r ee n i n gs i n b a gs of a s ize c u s- t o m a r il y u sed fo r s u c h seed o r sc r ee n i n gs.[5 F R 32, J a n . 4, 1940, a s a m e n ded a t 26 F R 10035, Oc t . 26, 1961]
Bulk. E ≈ B ΔVGB . (5.2)modelVMg ibindFig. 5.3 shows a comparison of the solute-GB binding energy, EX−GBi , to this elastic model. For site-solute pairs in which a structural transformation took place, the site volume of the end-structure site was used in the model. The model works well for the Ag- and La-families, which are of particular technological relevance, but fails to describe the behaviour of Ti and Zr, for which elasticity does not domi- nate the interaction with the boundary. A linear fit to the Ag- and La-families gives a slope of 1.04 and an intercept of 0.08 eV.Both the positive intercept (indicating favorable binding) and the noise aroundbulkthe origin—where at least one of ΔVXor ΔVGBi is near zero—may still be re-sults of elastic interactions, but of a type not captured by the simplified model. The Voronoi volume used to characterize the GB sites considers only the first near- est neighbours of the site and ignores its local neighbourhood beyond this shell. However, this larger neighbourhood will differ from the bulk as GBS typically have excess free volume. In particular, we found using Voronoi analysis on relaxed La-like Ag-like Zr, Ti1.0 [eV]0.5 E X−GBibind0.0 −0.5−0.8 −0.6 −0.4 −0.2 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0B(∆V X /V)∆V[eV]bulkbulkGBi Figure 5.3: DFT calculated solute-GB binding energy plotted against thebulkmodel PX ΔVGBi , where PX ≈ BΔVX /VMg. The linear fit uses only La-like and Ag-like data. structures that the GB sites usually appearsoft” to the solutes: a small solute from the Ag-family will typically contract its local neighbours more at the GB than in the bulk, while a larger atom from the La-family will show a mirrored effect— expanding its immediate neighbours at a GB site farther than in the bulk. This softness makes even GB sites with the same or similar Voronoi volumes to the bulk more attractive, and likely contributes to the positive intercept in fig. 5.3.In the bottom-left quadrant of fig. 5.3, there are two data points for large solutes at compressive sites for which the model clearly underestimates the repulsive in- teraction. The very strong repulsive response of these small site-large solute pairs can be understood by considering the anisotropy in inter-atomic interaction, which must go to zero as the particles are separated, but is strongly repulsive as the atoms are brought together. The elastic model presented here does not capture this highly non-linear interaction in the compressive spectrum well. For the most repuls...
Bulk. Bulk" means in nonpackaged form.[PL 1979, c. 491, §1 (NEW).]
Bulk is the sale, offering or exposing for sale or delivery of commercial feeds, in:
Bulk. Commercial Industrial; Amendment of Section 178. Section 17 is hereby amended- (a) By the amendment of Section 17.1 as follows: 17.1 General[(a)] Tariffs will be revised annually during the budgetary process. Sewerage is levied and payable on a monthly basis. [annually and divided into twelve equal monthly instalments. On written request it can be paid annually by 30 September]; [(b)] [Where rates, sewerage and availability fees (on vacant erven) are paid on a monthly or annually basis, such payment must be made before the expiry date. Failing this, interest at the standard rate of prima +1%, will be levied on the outstanding payment.] (b) By the amendment of subsection 17.4 as follows: 17.4 Discount to Pensioners(a) Requirements
Bulk chlorine and remove unnecessary equipmentcost $ 16K 23K - $ 1825K includes engineering/plan approval with TCEQ Option 3 would mean removing the current Miox treatment, buying pumps for the drums or totes and gettingthis has to be pre-approvaled by TCEQ before we can change any method of treatment. Chairman Walea suggested that we consult with a chemical and a water engineer to analyze our system and recommend solutions. Director Peterson to contact URSGrant Snyder and Leonard Youngengineers who originally worked on design.
Bulk or "in bulk" means feed that is not divided into parts or packaged in separate units or any lot that is not in a closed container at the time it passes to the possession of the purchaser and includes that feed at any stage of distribution.
Bulk. Notice stated failing payment within seven days we are instructed to commence arbitration and inviting the recipient to agree an arbitrator from one of three names, sufficient to commence arbitration.