Baseball Sample Clauses

Baseball. (1) Additional innings may be played following the regular contest at the middle school/junior high level. The fee for the additional innings is 15% of the contest fee per inning.
Baseball. 1) Unless otherwise stated, bets on Baseball are determined on the basis of the result after any eventual extra innings, and regardless of the amount of innings played, as declared by the organizing association.
Baseball. In semi-finals and finals, three (3) officials will be assigned only if full availability is received by the top rated number of umpires required to cover these games.
Baseball. Head Coach - 7th Grade - Boys 6
Baseball. Head BS High School 24 4,792 4,888 4,984 5,080 5,176 5,272 5,367 Asst. BS High School 15 3,067 3,163 3,259 3,355 3,451 3,546 3,642 Position Coach (or Freshman Asst. Coach) 7 1,534 1,629 1,725 1,821 1,917 2,013 2,109 7. Softball Head Softball 24 4,792 4,888 4,984 5,080 5,176 5,272 5,367 Asst. Softball 15 3,067 3,163 3,259 3,355 3,451 3,546 3,642 Position Coach 7 1,534 1,629 1,725 1,821 1,917 2,013 2,109 Softball Coach - Middle School 14 2,875 2,971 3,067 3,163 3,259 3,355 3,451 Cross
Baseball. Notwithstanding Section 9.17.01, for any Dispute arising out of Section 2.04, then subject to Section 9.18, such Dispute shall be finally settled as a “baseball” type arbitration proceeding; and the arbitrators may fashion such detailed procedures as the arbitrators consider appropriate to implement this intent. Accordingly, each Party shall provide the arbitrators and the other Party with a written report setting forth its position with respect to the substance of the Dispute and may submit a revised report and position to the arbitrators within fifteen (15) days of receiving the other Party’s report. The arbitrators shall select one of the Party’s positions as his or her final decision, and shall not have the authority to render any substantive decision other than to so select the position of either Dow or Pfenex as set forth in their respective written reports (as initially submitted, or as revised in accordance with this Section 9.17.02, as applicable); provided that, in determining which Party’s position to select, the arbitrators will take into account the financial position of each Party and will not make a determination that would impose an undue hardship on either Party.
Baseball. 8 year olds, Minors, Majors, Seniors. Softball: 7 & 8 year olds, Minor, Major, Seniors. Special note: If not specified, 7 year old girls will automatically be place in Softball. REGISTRATION FEE: $95 per child OR Family Plan (3 or more children in the same household) $230 total ***SPECIAL NOTE: PLAYERS WHO SIGN UP AFTER “WALK IN” REGISTRATION MAY BE SUBJECT TO A WAITING LIST. *** PLAYERS REGISTRATION IS ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. Make all checks payable to: “Little League of the Islips”. DO NOT MAIL CASH. Write your phone number on the check. MAIL completed and signed WHITE only (yellow is for your records), copy of birth certificate (if required) and registration fee to: Little League of the Islips, XX Xxx 000, Xxxx Xxxxx XX 00000
Baseball. The Community Partner will determine if the current weather conditions and/or filed conditions permit use of Park District baseball fields by Community Partner, provided however that the Park District reserves the right to close any of its baseball fields upon prior notice to Community Partner.
Baseball. Eighty-two Islanders, 10 dogs, and 10 visitors from Mayne attended the first baseball game of the season at Xxx Xxxxxx Field. The percentage of Saturna Island population attending minus the dogs is right up there with a very contentious Island meeting or a Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx concert! The games, as commentated by sports reporters Xxxx Xxxxxx and Xxxxx X’Xxxx, were highly entertaining with lots of homeruns, split-second timing, on base catches, fly balls, and line drives. The weather was spectacular. One dog was taken out of the field for bad behavior and remanded to his car. While Saturna lost, just a bit, to Mayne (this time) we will see how the season unfolds! Game times and locations are posted on the General Store doorgenerally Sunday and Wednesday sees baseball action.
Baseball. Cap One ( 1 ) per year