Bank Established Sample Clauses

Bank Established. The parties hereby establish a Sick Leave Bank which shall be operated 18 under the terms and conditions of this Section.

Related to Bank Established

  • Control Account The Register maintained by the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 14.1(c) shall include a control account, and a subsidiary account for each Lender, in which accounts (taken together) shall be recorded (i) the date and amount of each Borrowing made hereunder, the type of Loan comprising such Borrowing and any Eurodollar Interest Period applicable thereto, (ii) the effective date and amount of each Assignment and Acceptance delivered to and accepted by it and the parties thereto, (iii) the amount of any principal or interest due and payable or to become due and payable from the Borrower to each Lender hereunder or under the Notes and (iv) the amount of any sum received by the Administrative Agent from the Borrower or the applicable Qualified Borrower hereunder and each Lender’s share thereof.

  • Control Accounts The Agent shall maintain on its books a control account or accounts in which shall be recorded (a) the amount of any Unpaid Sum and the face amount of each Letter of Credit issued hereunder, (b) the amount of all fees, interest and other sums due or to become due from the Borrower and (c) the amount of any sum received or recovered by the Agent hereunder.

  • Collateral Accounts Upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, the Administrative Agent shall have the right to cause to be established and maintained, at its principal office or such other location or locations as it may establish from time to time in its discretion, one or more accounts (collectively, “Collateral Accounts”) for the collection of cash Proceeds of the Collateral. Such Proceeds, when deposited, shall continue to constitute Collateral for the Secured Obligations and shall not constitute payment thereof until applied as herein provided. The Administrative Agent shall have sole dominion and control over all funds deposited in any Collateral Account, and such funds may be withdrawn therefrom only by the Administrative Agent. Upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, the Administrative Agent shall have the right to (and, if directed by the Required Lenders pursuant to the Credit Agreement, shall) apply amounts held in the Collateral Accounts in payment of the Secured Obligations in the manner provided for in Section 6.2.

  • The Investment Account; Eligible Investments (a) Not later than the Withdrawal Date, the Master Servicer shall withdraw or direct the withdrawal of funds in the Custodial Accounts for P&I, for deposit in the Investment Account, in an amount representing:

  • Blocked Accounts Agent shall have received duly executed agreements establishing the Blocked Accounts or Depository Accounts with financial institutions acceptable to Agent for the collection or servicing of the Receivables and proceeds of the Collateral;

  • Establishment of Collateral Account The Securities Intermediary hereby confirms that:

  • Establishment of Collateral Accounts The Custodian hereby confirms and agrees that:

  • Establishment of Reserve Account Pledgor and Secured Party hereby authorize and direct Securities Intermediary to establish and maintain in its corporate trust department, a segregated trust account that is an Eligible Deposit Account and that is a “securities account” as that term is defined in Section 8-501(a) of the UCC in the name of Secured Party and under the sole dominion and control of Secured Party, designated as “Toyota Auto Receivables 20[__]-[_] Owner Trust Reserve Account.” Securities Intermediary hereby undertakes to treat Secured Party as the person entitled to exercise the rights that comprise any Financial Asset credited to the Reserve Account. Secured Party and Pledgor agree that this account shall be the Reserve Account.

  • Concentration Account Concentration Account" has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3.

  • Funding Account The Administrative Agent shall have received a notice setting forth the deposit account of the Borrower (the “Funding Account”) to which the Administrative Agent is authorized by the Borrower to transfer the proceeds of any Borrowings requested or authorized pursuant to this Agreement.