At the Final Approval Hearing Sample Clauses

At the Final Approval Hearing the Court will consider and determine whether the provisions of this Agreement should be approved, whether the Agreement should be finally approved as fair, reasonable, and adequate, whether any objections to the Agreement should be overruled, whether the fee award and incentive payments to the Class Representative should be approved, and whether a judgment finally approving the Agreement should be entered.
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  • Final Approval Hearing “Final Approval Hearing” shall mean the hearing at which the Court will consider and finally decide whether to enter the Final Judgment.

  • Final Approval Order 62. The Parties shall jointly seek entry of a Final Approval Order, the text of which the Parties shall agree upon. The dismissal orders, motions or stipulation to implement this Section shall, among other things, seek or provide for a dismissal with prejudice and waiving any rights of appeal.

  • Final Approval After Acceptance, Engineer shall perform any required modifications, changes, alterations, corrections, redesigns, and additional work necessary to receive Final Approval by the County. "Final Approval" in this sense shall mean formal recognition that the Engineering Services have been fully carried out.

  • Approval Process Tenant shall notify Landlord whether it approves of the submitted working drawings within three business days after Landlord’s submission thereof. If Tenant disapproves of such working drawings, then Tenant shall notify Landlord thereof specifying in reasonable detail the reasons for such disapproval, in which case Landlord shall, within five business days after such notice, revise such working drawings in accordance with Tenant’s objections and submit the revised working drawings to Tenant for its review and approval. Tenant shall notify Landlord in writing whether it approves of the resubmitted working drawings within one business day after its receipt thereof. This process shall be repeated until the working drawings have been finally approved by Landlord and Tenant. If Tenant fails to notify Landlord that it disapproves of the initial working drawings within three business days (or, in the case of resubmitted working drawings, within one business day) after the submission thereof, then Tenant shall be deemed to have approved the working drawings in question. Any delay caused by Tenant’s unreasonable withholding of its consent or delay in giving its written approval as to such working drawings shall constitute a Tenant Delay Day (defined below). If the working drawings are not fully approved (or deemed approved) by both Landlord and Tenant by the 15th business day after the delivery of the initial draft thereof to Tenant, then each day after such time period that such working drawings are not fully approved (or deemed approved) by both Landlord and Tenant shall constitute a Tenant Delay Day.

  • PRELIMINARY APPROVAL OF SETTLEMENT 3. Promptly upon execution of this Stipulation, Lead Plaintiffs will move for preliminary approval of the Settlement, certification of the Settlement Class for settlement purposes only, and the scheduling of a hearing for consideration of final approval of the Settlement, which motion shall be unopposed by Defendants. Concurrently with the motion for preliminary approval, Lead Plaintiffs shall apply to the Court for, and Defendants shall agree to, entry of the Preliminary Approval Order, substantially in the form attached hereto as Exhibit A. RELEASE OF CLAIMS

  • Preliminary Approval Order “Preliminary Approval Order” means the order of the Court preliminarily approving this Settlement Agreement.

  • Final Order If the Interim Order is obtained and the Arrangement Resolution is approved at the Company Meeting in accordance with the terms of the Interim Order, the Company shall take all steps necessary to submit the Arrangement to the Court and diligently pursue an application for the Final Order pursuant to section 182 of the OBCA, as soon as reasonably practicable, but in any event not later than three Business Days, after the Arrangement Resolution is passed at the Company Meeting as provided for in the Interim Order.

  • Motion for Final Approval Not later than 16 court days before the calendared Final Approval Hearing, Plaintiff will file in Court, a motion for final approval of the Settlement that includes a request for approval of the PAGA settlement under Labor Code section 2699, subd. (l), a Proposed Final Approval Order and a proposed Judgment (collectively “Motion for Final Approval”). Plaintiff shall provide drafts of these documents to Defense Counsel not later than seven days prior to filing the Motion for Final Approval. Class Counsel and Defense Counsel will expeditiously meet and confer in person or by telephone, and in good faith, to resolve any disagreements concerning the Motion for Final Approval.

  • Sale Order The Bankruptcy Court shall have entered the Sale Order and the Sale Order shall be a Final Order.

  • Written Approval Except with the prior written approval of Authority, Company will not erect, maintain, or display any signs or any advertising at or on the Premises or common use areas.