An Error Sample Clauses

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  • Clerical Error Clerical error, whether by You or Us, with respect to this Contract, or any other documentation issued by Us in connection with this Contract , or in keeping any record pertaining to the coverage hereunder, will not modify or invalidate coverage otherwise validly in force or continue coverage otherwise validly terminated.

  • Notification of Error The Trust will notify USBFS of any discrepancy between USBFS and the Trust, including, but not limited to, failing to account for a security position in the Fund’s portfolio, upon the later to occur of: (i) three business days after receipt of any reports rendered by USBFS to the Trust; (ii) three business days after discovery of any error or omission not covered in the balancing or control procedure; or (iii) three business days after receiving notice from any shareholder regarding any such discrepancy.

  • Trade Errors The Sub-Advisor will notify the Manager of any Trade Error(s), regardless of materiality, promptly upon the discovery such Trade Error(s) by the Sub-Advisor. Notwithstanding Section 5, the Sub-Advisor shall be liable to the Manager, the Fund or its shareholders for any loss suffered by the Manager or the Fund resulting from Trade Errors due to negligence, misfeasance, or disregard of duties of the Sub Advisor or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents (excluding any broker-dealer selected by the Sub-Advisor), or affiliates. For purposes under this Section 6, “Trade Errors” are defined as errors due to (i) erroneous orders by the Sub-Advisor for the Series that result in the purchase or sale of securities that were not intended to be purchased or sold; (ii) erroneous orders by the Sub-Advisor that result in the purchase or sale of securities for the Series in an unintended amount or price; or (iii) purchases or sales of financial instruments which violate the investment limitations or restrictions disclosed in the Fund’s registration statement and/or imposed by applicable law or regulation (calculated at the Sub-Advisor’s portfolio level), unless otherwise agreed to in writing.

  • Error If an employee is misinformed as to his/her holiday entitlement, such employee will not be required to reimburse the Company for any excess hours taken if such employee pointed out the error to his/her supervisor in writing. (Amended 1-1-09) In those cases where an employee has not pointed out the error to his/her supervisor in writing beforehand, the employee may elect to (a) reimburse the Company for the wages paid for the excess hours, or (b) have such excess hours be deducted from his/her current vacation entitlement, if any, or (c) have such excess hours be deducted from his/her next year's holiday hours, if any. (Amended 1-1-09) 103.15 (Deleted 1-1-94)

  • Clerical Errors Clerical errors will neither deprive any individual Member of any benefits or coverage provided under this Group Contract nor will such errors act as authorization of benefits or coverage for the Member that is not otherwise validly in force.

  • Correction of Errors Contractor shall perform, at its own cost and expense and without reimbursement from the District, any work necessary to correct errors or omissions which are caused by the Contractor’s failure to comply with the standard of care required herein.

  • Payroll Errors a. This provision applies when the Director of Personnel Services determines that an error has been made in relation to the base salary, overtime cash payment, or paid leave accruals, balances, or usage. In such cases the County shall, for purposes of future compensation, adjust such compensation to the correct amount. The Director also shall give written notice to the employee.

  • No Errors, etc The representations and warranties of the Company under this Agreement shall be deemed to have been made again on the Closing Date and shall then be true and correct in all material respects.

  • BILLING ERRORS In case of errors or questions about electronic fund transfers from your savings and checking accounts or if you need more information about a transfer on the statement or receipt, telephone us at the following number or send us a written notice to the following address as soon as you can. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we sent the FIRST statement on which the problem appears. Call us at: 000.000.0000 or write to: Light Commerce Credit Union P O Box 670494 Houston, TX 77267 - Tell us your name and account number. - Describe the electronic transfer you are unsure about and explain, as clearly as you can, why you believe the Credit Union has made an error or why you need more information. - Tell us the dollar amount of the suspected error. If you tell us orally, we may require that you send us your complaint or question in writing within ten (10) business days. We will determine whether an error has occurred within ten (10)* business days after we hear from you and will correct any error promptly. If we need more time, however, we may take up to 45** days to investigate your complaint or question. If we decide to do this, we will credit your account within ten (10)* business days for the amount you think is in error so that you will have the use of the money during the time it takes us to complete our investigation. If we ask you to put your complaint or question in writing and we do not receive it within ten (10) business days, we may not credit your account. We will tell you the results within three (3) business days after completing our investigation. If we decide that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation. You may ask for copies of the documents that we used in our investigation. * If you give notice of an error within 30 days after you make the first deposit to your account, we will have 20 business days instead of ten (10) business days to investigate the error. ** If you give notice of an error within 30 days after you make the first deposit to your account, notice of an error involving a point-of sale (POS) transaction, or notice of an error involving a transaction initiated outside the U.S., its possessions and territories, we will have 90 days instead of 45 days to investigate the error.

  • Pricing Errors Any material errors in the calculation of net asset value, dividends or capital gain information shall be reported immediately upon discovery to the Company. An error shall be deemed "material" based on our interpretation of the SEC's position and policy with regard to materiality, as it may be modified from time to time. Neither the Trust, any Fund, the Distributor, nor any of their affiliates shall be liable for any information provided to the Company pursuant to this Agreement which information is based on incorrect information supplied by or on behalf of the Company or any other Participating Company to the Trust or the Distributor.