Child Abuse Reporting Sample Clauses

Child Abuse Reporting. PROVIDER assures BOARD that all staff members, including volunteers, are familiar with and agree to adhere to child abuse and/or missing children reporting obligations and procedures under Florida law, including but not limited to, Florida Statute 1006.061. PROVIDER agrees to provide annual training to all its employees regarding mandated reporting of child abuse and missing children. PROVIDER agrees that all staff members will abide by such laws in a timely manner. PROVIDER shall submit immediately by facsimile and mail, within twenty-four (24) hours, an accident or incident report to BOARD when it becomes aware of circumstances including, but not limited to: allegations of molestation, child abuse, missing children under PROVIDER’s supervision.
Child Abuse Reporting. Licensee shall require its employees, agents, contractors and volunteers responsible for the care, supervision, guidance or control of a child and who have routine interaction with a child (all as defined in the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law, 63 Pa. C.S.A. § 6301 et seq. and any related regulations or guidance) to immediately report any suspected child abuse of any child under 18 in connection with the Event or Licensor’s campus to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (“DHS”) toll-free ChildLine at (800) 932-0313. Within 48 hours of the oral report, the reporting person must follow up with a written report to DHS or the county agency assigned to the case. Immediately after the first notification to DHS, the reporting person must report the suspected child abuse to Villanova’s Director of Public Safety. Contact Information: Phone – (610) 519-6982; email –, or, in his absence, the EVP for Finance; Contact information: (610) 519-4532; email –; and provide a copy of the written report sent to DHS. For additional information regarding what is meant by “child abuse” and the obligation to report child abuse, see Licensor’s Child Abuse Reporting Policy available on the University website at Licensee shall comply with Licensor’s Child Abuse Reporting Policy and all applicable federal, state and local laws relating to the reporting of crimes and suspected child abuse, including, without limitation, the Pennsylvania Child Protective Services Law, 63 Pa. C.S.A. §6301 et seq., as it may be amended from time to time. To the extent that Licensee and its employees, agents, contractors and volunteers have any other obligations in connection with suspected child abuse under applicable laws, rules, orders, policies and procedures, Licensee and its employees, agents, contractors and volunteers shall comply with such obligations and nothing in this paragraph or Agreement shall be deemed to interfere with or discharge such obligation. Licensee shall be responsible for instructing all employees, agents and contractors of their reporting responsibilities under this paragraph.
Child Abuse Reporting. Contractor agrees that each person who performs work on its behalf under this agreement shall immediately report any suspicions of child abuse or neglect to the building administrator (or if one is not available, to the Superintendent’s office or such other office as is designated by the School District) upon becoming aware of information which forms the basis for such suspicion. (Colorado Revised Statutes defining abuse and neglect are found at C.R.S. Section 19-1-103.) Contractor agrees to inform the District immediately if it has knowledge that would lead a reasonable person to conclude that one of its employees poses an unusual potential for physical, emotional or psychological harm to any student, employee or patron of the District.
Child Abuse Reporting. CONTRACTOR must develop and maintain a written child abuse reporting procedure. CONTRACTOR hereby agrees that all staff members, including volunteers, are familiar with, and agree to adhere to child abuse reporting obligations and procedures as specified in California Penal Code section 11166. A written statement acknowledging the legal requirements of such reporting and verification of staff adherence to such reporting shall be submitted to the State and Federal Programs Department.