American Psychiatric Association Sample Clauses

American Psychiatric Association. Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourt h Edition, Text Revision, Washington, D.C., American Psychiatric Association, 2000 Available at ( 3 Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, Behavioral Health Standards Manual Available at 4 DOH Document (Standards) Addiction Prevention and Recovery Administration Standards Available from APRA’s Office of Certification and Regulation at 000 000-0000.

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  • Hospital-Association Committee (a) There shall be a Hospital-Union Committee comprised of representatives of the Hospital, one of whom shall be the Chief Nursing Officer or designate and of the Union, one of whom shall be the Bargaining Unit President or designate. The number of representatives is set out in the Appendix of Local Provisions and the membership of the Committee may be expanded by mutual agreement.

  • HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION 9.1 The Purchaser acknowledges that it is anticipated that the Property will fall under the jurisdiction of the HOA, being a new Homeowners’ Association which shall come/came into existence on registration of transfer of the first Erf in the Development from the Seller to a third party purchaser, it being recorded that the HOA is established for the benefit of, inter alia, all of owners of xxxxx in the Development and to control and maintain roads, services and amenities within, inter alia, the Development.

  • Association Grievance A grievance, as defined in Section 7.1, relating to occurrences actually involving at least three (3) nurses or arising under the Association Representative article, may be initiated by the Association at Step 2 of the above-mentioned procedure by the filing of a written grievance, signed by a representative of the Association, within 35 calendar days from the date of occurrence. Such grievance shall describe the problem and the contract provisions alleged to have been violated.

  • Home Health Care This plan covers the following home care services when provided by a certified home healthcare agency: • nursing services; • services of a home health aide; • visits from a social worker; • medical supplies; and • physical, occupational and speech therapy.

  • HEALTH PROGRAM 3701 Health examinations required by the Employer shall be provided by the Employer and shall be at the expense of the Employer. 3702 Time off without loss of regular pay shall be allowed at a time determined by the Employer for such medical examinations and laboratory tests, provided that these are performed on the Employer’s premises, or at a facility designated by the Employer. 3703 With the approval of the Employer, a nurse may choose to be examined by a physician of her/his own choice, at her/his own expense, as long as the Employer receives a statement as to the fitness of the nurse from the physician. 3704 Time off for medical and dental examinations and/or treatments may be granted and such time off, including necessary travel time, shall be chargeable against accumulated income protection benefits.

  • New York State Statewide Financial System New York State Statewide Financial System (SFS) went live for NYS agencies in April 2012. Future SFS procurement functionality envisions the ability to fully host Contract catalogs, to integrate Contractor-hosted punch-out catalogs, and/or to submit and process invoices electronically. OGS reserves the right to integrate any or all of these future catalog functions with a Contractor during the contract period, and by submittal of a Vendor Submission, a Vendor agrees to coordinate with SFS, OGS and/or a third party host, for integration, if OGS exercises its right to do so. No costs or expenses associated with providing information and integration shall be charged to NYS. Technical Requirements for the data elements, such as data types, maximum field lengths, and cXML element names shall be provided by SFS, OGS and/or a third party host during integration. For more information on SFS, its use, and its capabilities please visit the SFS website here: xxxx://

  • Hospice g. Individuals whose permanent residence and principal work location are outside the State of Minnesota and outside of the service areas of the health plans participating in Advantage. If these individuals use the plan administrator’s national preferred provider organization in their area, services will be covered at Benefit Level Two. If a national preferred provider is not available in their area, services will be covered at Benefit Level Two through any other provider available in their area. If the national preferred provider organization is available but not used, benefits will be paid at the POS level described in paragraph “i” below. All terms and conditions outlined in the Summary of Benefits will apply.

  • Association Representatives The Association shall promptly notify the Employer, in writing, the names of those persons who have been authorized to act on its behalf and the authority of each such person, which notice shall remain in effect until superseded by a new written notice.

  • Mental Health Services This agreement covers medically necessary services for the treatment of mental health disorders in a general or specialty hospital or outpatient facilities that are: • reviewed and approved by us; and • licensed under the laws of the State of Rhode Island or by the state in which the facility is located as a general or specialty hospital or outpatient facility. We review network and non-network programs, hospitals and inpatient facilities, and the specific services provided to decide whether a preauthorization, hospital or inpatient facility, or specific services rendered meets our program requirements, content and criteria. If our program content and criteria are not met, the services are not covered under this agreement. Our program content and criteria are defined below.

  • Medical Care Undersigned authorize the Released Parties to call for medical care for Participant or to transport Participant to a medical facility or hospital if, in their opinion, medical attention is needed. Undersigned agree to pay all costs associated with such medical care and related transportation.