Tenant of Landlord Uses in Change in C.P.I.; Substituted Index Clause

Change in C.P.I.; Substituted Index from Lease

THIS LEASE is made in Worcester, Massachusetts effective on the Date of Lease stated in Article 1 between the Landlord and the Tenant named in Article 1. In consideration of the Rent payable by Tenant and of the agreements to be performed and observed by Tenant, Landlord hereby leases the Premises to Tenant, and Tenant hereby takes the Premises from Landlord, subject to the provisions and for the term stated below:

Change in C.P.I.; Substituted Index. If the United States Department of Labor changes the base reference period for determining the C.P.I., the adjustment of Basic Rent will continue to be calculated with 1982-84 as the base reference period using such figures or conversion formulas as the United States Department of Labor may publish at the time the base reference period is changed. If publication of the C.P.I. is discontinued, Landlord and Tenant agrees to accept comparable statistics on the cost of living as they are computed and published by a Governmental Authority or if such statistics are not published by a Governmental Authority, comparable statistics published by a responsible financial periodical of recognized authority selected by Landlord. If comparable statistics are used in place of the C.P.I., Landlord will make such reasonable revisions in the method of computation of Basic Rent as the circumstances may require to carry out the intent of this Rent Rider and will give Tenant notice of the revisions before using them.