Adjustment Event definition

Adjustment Event means:
Adjustment Event means each of the following events:
Adjustment Event means, in respect of a Share, the occurrence of any of the following events:

Examples of Adjustment Event in a sentence

If the Underlying Security on which a CFD is quoted is subject to an Adjustment Event or possible Adjustment Event, will determine the adjustment, if any, that will be made to the Contract Value of that Underlying Security, the related quantity (or both) that would have placed the parties in substantially the same economic position they would have been in had the event not occurred.

A conversion of Notes shall be deemed for these purposes to be “in connection with” such Make Whole Adjustment Event if the relevant Notice of Conversion is received by the Conversion Agent during the related Make Whole Adjustment Event Period.

If any transaction in which the Common Stock is replaced by the securities of another entity occurs, following completion of any related Make Whole Adjustment Event Period (or, in the case of a transaction that would have been a Fundamental Change or a Make Whole Adjustment Event but for the immediately preceding paragraph, following the effective date of such transaction), references to the Company in this definition of Fundamental Change shall instead be references to such other entity.

The Company shall notify Holders and the Trustee (and Conversion Agent, if other than the Trustee) as promptly as practicable following the effective date of such Corporate Event but in no event later than one Business Day after the effective date of such Corporate Event (and, in the case of a Make Whole Adjustment Event, any increase in the Conversion Rate pursuant to Section 14.03).

The Company shall notify the Holders of Notes, the Trustee and the Conversion Agent of the anticipated Effective Date of any Make Whole Adjustment Event and issue a press release as soon as practicable after it first determines the anticipated Effective Date of such Make Whole Adjustment Event (and shall make the press release available on its website).

More Definitions of Adjustment Event

Adjustment Event has the meaning specified in Section 15.05(l).
Adjustment Event has the meaning set forth in Section 16.1(b).
Adjustment Event shall also mean to include: (i) any issuance by the Company of the Company's securities (excluding securities issued to the Company's employees, directors, consultants and others similarly situtated) below fair market value for such securities as determined at the time of issuance; and (ii) any issuance at a price below the purchase price per Share for the common stock underlying the Options, as adjusted. Upon the occurrence of an Adjustment Event, (i) appropriate and proportionate adjustments shall be made to the number and kind and exercise price for the shares subject to the Options, and (ii) appropriate amendments to this Agreement shall be executed by the Company and the Optionee if the Board of Directors in good faith determines that such an amendment is necessary or desirable to reflect such adjustments. If determined by the Board of Directors to be appropriate, in the event of an Adjustment Event which involves the substitution of securities of a corporation other than the Company, the Board of Directors shall make arrangements for the assumptions by such other corporation of the Options. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any such adjustment to the Options shall be made without change in the total exercise price applicable to the unexercised portion of the Options, but with an appropriate adjustment to the number of shares, kind of shares and exercise price for each share subject to the Options. The good faith determination by the Board of Directors as to what adjustments, amendments or arrangements shall be made pursuant to this Section, and the extent thereof, shall be final and conclusive, provided that the Options herein are adjusted in a manner that is no less favorable than the manner of adjustment used as to any other options issued by the Company to its employees, directors, consultants or in any transaction. No fractional Shares shall be issued on account of any such adjustment or arrangement.
Adjustment Event with respect to a Share means:
Adjustment Event has the meaning set forth in Section 4.6.A(i).