Block Conversion Uses in Block Conversion Clause

Block Conversion from Service Agreement

This Service Agreement (Agreement) is made as of March 1, 2005 by and between VENTIV PHARMA SERVICES, LLC, a New Jersey limited liability company (Ventiv) and CONNETICS CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation, having an office at 3160 Porter Drive, Palo Alto, California 94304 (Client). Ventiv and Client may each be referred to in this Agreement as a Party and collectively as the Parties.

Block Conversion. Client may solicit, employ or retain at any one time Ventiv Sales Representatives and Ventiv District Sales Managers representing in excess of 25% of the entire Project Team providing Services under this Agreement (a Block Conversion) provided that: (i) such hiring may not occur before the first anniversary of the Deployment Date, and (ii) Client may not hire any Ventiv Sales Representatives or Ventiv Sales District Managers pursuant to this Section 8(b) who commenced providing Services to Client pursuant to this Agreement less than one year before the Block Conversion, and (iii) Client must provide at least 90 days prior written notice to Ventiv of any Block Conversion.