Contract Essentials for Lawyers Advising Startups

This ebook addresses the chaos inherent to advising a startup and the key elements of their most relevant contracts.

Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) That Work

In this episode of the Contract Teardown, privacy consultant Avishai Ostrin explains the Data Processing Agreement, or DPA. The DPA protects companies from privacy breaches on third party sites and data storage tools like Amazon Web Services or Slack. Watch as Ostrin details the crucial elements of a DPA and what red flags to look out for when drafting.

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Covid-era Master Services Agreement for Biotech

During ContractsCon 2023, Shavon Smith joined Mike Whelan live to tear down a biotechnology firm’s Master Services Agreement. MSAs are flexible agreements for chaotic times. See how this MSA helped a biotech firm during the Covid shutdown.