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Healthcare Business Associate Agreement with Arohi Kashyap

Attorney Arohi Kashyap uncovers the high privacy standards that come with working in the healthcare industry using a Business Associate Agreement. This contract passes requirements of the United States HIPAA regulations on to companies engaged by hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare institutions.

Finder Agreement for Finance with Rosanna Mannan

Watch as attorney Rosanna Mannan explains a Finder Agreement. This document is used when companies seeking private funding engage an individual to make connections with potential financiers. In this highly-regulated space, even common clauses become complex.

Trademark Assignment Agreement with Brittney Saint-Fleur

Watch as Brittney Saint-Fleur explains key concepts for drafting a Trademark Assignment Agreement. She explores representations of IP ownership, relationship-conscious dispute resolution, and strategic choice of applicable law.

FTC Changes that Impact Influencer Deals with Vicky Smolyar

This episode covers new FTC regulations and how the impact brand influencer deals. Given the government's primary concern of protecting the public, companies need to be savvy about how their seemingly small decisions can create risk.

Trademark Licensing Agreement Basics with Steve Sedberry

Steve Sedberry explains the basics of trademark licensing agreements, including reasonable efforts to preserve a mark's value, rules for consumer protection, and negotiation best practices.

Defensive Drafting Worksheets

Five easy-to-use forms guide you through your customized defensive drafting process. These worksheets will help you identify your company's strategic priorities, including which risks are worth protecting against, and systematically negotiate contracts in line with those priorities.

How to Automate Routine Business Contracts

Join Preston Clark, a former in-house attorney and the founder of SimpleDocs, for a free weekly webinar to explore the latest strategies and best practices in contract automation.

College Athlete Deals vs Influencer Agreements (NIL)

In this episode of the Contract Teardown show, sports attorney John Gibson uses an online influencer agreement to explain special rules for college athletes looking to sign brand deals.

Salesforce's Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

Salesforce's Data Processing Agreement (DPA) illustrates the risks associated with data management roles in contracting.

Alcohol Distribution Agreements (Hispanica International Delights Teardown)

In this episode of the Contract Teardown, Kristina Perry Alexander walks through a sample alcohol distribution agreement.

Are NDAs the Most Important Agreements?

What if NDAs are much more important than you think? In this episode, Ehteshamul Haque argues that an NDA lays the groundwork for a deal, making it incredibly significant (and too often overlooked).

Athletes’ Endorsement Agreements and NIL

In this episode, attorney Sivonnia DeBarros uses an Endorsement Agreement with Dwyane Wade to explain Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) concepts to student athletes.

How to Leverage AI to Negotiate Contracts

Learn how contract professionals are using artificial intelligence to improve their work.

Cardi B's License Agreement

Entertainment attorney Julia Holt joins the Contract Teardown to discuss a license agreement between entertainment superstar Cardi B and an innovative alcohol brand.

Contract Essentials for Lawyers Advising Startups

This ebook addresses the chaos inherent to advising a startup and the key elements of their most relevant contracts.

Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) That Work

In this episode of the Contract Teardown, privacy consultant Avishai Ostrin explains the Data Processing Agreement, or DPA. The DPA protects companies from privacy breaches on third party sites and data storage tools like Amazon Web Services or Slack. Watch as Ostrin details the crucial elements of a DPA and what red flags to look out for when drafting.