Definition of Vinyl Coating

Vinyl Coating means to apply a decorative or protective or functional topcoat or printing on vinyl coated fabric or vinyl sheets. Vinyl plastisol shall not be considered a vinyl coating when it is applied to a fabric to form the substrate that is subsequently coated.

Examples of Vinyl Coating in a sentence

Glidden "Glid-Guard Vinyl-Cote Primer No.5521," TNEMEC "33-1211 Vinoline Primer," Indurall "Induron A-1313 or A-8527 Hi-Build Vinyl Coating," Porter "V.C.- 17 Vinyl Primer," Pittsburgh "UC - 40124 Red Vinyl Primer," or equal.
Vinyl Coating Class B Fabric 0.008 inch +/-0.002 inch Tension wires shall be AASHTO M181 Type 1 Class 2; or, when vinyl coating is specified in the plans, Type 4.