Definition of Ukrainian Securities

Ukrainian Securities means Ukrainian Equity Securities and Ukrainian Sovereign Debt Securities (m)

Examples of Ukrainian Securities in a sentence

The Customer shall pay for and hold Bank and the Ukrainian Sub-Custodian harmless from any liability or loss resulting from the imposition or assessment of any taxes (including but not limited to state, stamp and other duties) or other governmental charges, and any related expenses incurred by Bank, the Ukrainian Sub-Custodian or their respective nominees or agents with respect to income on the Customer's Ukrainian Securities.
Bank nor the Ukrainian Sub-Custodian shall assume responsibility for, and neither shall be liable for, any action or inaction of any Registrar Company or Ukrainian Securities Depository and no Registrar Company or Ukrainian Securities Depository shall be, or shall be deemed to be, Bank, the Ukrainian Sub-Custodian, a Sub-Custodian, or the employee, agent or personnel of any of the foregoing.