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  • This magnetic structure changes to the cycloidal phase with a component along the b-axis below TS = 28 K[1] which is accompanied by the spontaneous electric polarization along the b-axis [2].

  • Popular scientific news (in Vietnamese)Nguyen T.S., Le D.V., and K.V. Dinh* (2019).

  • On perusal of seized documents, it is seen that it was the case of informant Trishna Gogoi in TS case no.

  • We propose that the evolution of *u after TS- in Naxi is in fact another instance of apicalisation, resulting in a rounded apical vowel, *-ʮ in Yuen-ren Chao's non-IPA notation (the IPA notation for this sound, a syllabic /z/ with lip rounding, is a rather unwieldy /z/̍ ).

  • This rhyme contrasts with*-ɿ, which is the product of the apicalisation of *i after *TS- (/ɿ/ is another symbol coined by Yuen-ren Chao; the IPA recommends using /z/).

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TS means the gross amount of supplies and provision of services made by the business to all its customers during the 3 completed financial years preceding the dutiable transaction.
TS means TechSapiens Limited (CRN: 09087759), a company registered in England and Wales, and whose registered office is at 75 Park Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 1XS;
TS means TS Capital Limited;