TS definition

TS means transmission station.

Examples of TS in a sentence

  • In order to assist the Recipient, the Beneficiaries, the GTA, the CMA and the TS in the carrying out of the Project, the Recipient shall employ or cause to be employed consultants whose qualifi- cations, experience and terms and conditions of employment shall be satisfactory to the Trustee.

More Definitions of TS

TS means the gross amount of supplies and provision of services made by the business to all its customers during the 3 completed financial years preceding the dutiable transaction.
TS means "Special Use Permit, Temporary", subject to Village Council approval.
TS means TechSapiens Limited (CRN: 09087759), a company registered in England and Wales, and whose registered office is at 75 Park Lane, Croydon, Surrey, CR9 1XS;
TS means TS Dynamic Acquisition, Inc.
TS means date of intimation by the Merchant to the Service Provider about shipment of Product / Services.