Definition of Term C Advance

Term C Advance means an advance deemed to have been made pursuant to Section 2.1(d).
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Examples of Term C Advance in a sentence

Advance means a Term A Advance, a Term B Advance, a Term C Advance, a Revolving Credit Advance, a Swing Line Advance or a Letter of Credit Advance and, collectively, the Advances.
The effectiveness of this Agreement, and the obligations of the Lender Parties to consummate the transactions contemplated herein and to make the initial Term C Advance (the Initial Term C Advance) are subject to the satisfaction of each of the conditions precedent listed both on Section 4.2 below and Exhibit D hereto, all in a manner, form and substance satisfactory to Agent in its sole discretion.
Incremental Term C Advance has the meaning specified in Section 2.01(a)(iii).
Subject to the terms and conditions hereof, each Term C Lender with a Term C1 Commitment severally agrees to exchange its Term C Advance for a like principal amount of Term C1 Advances on the First Amendment Effective Date, and from and after the First Amendment Effective date such Term C Advance shall be deemed refinanced in full and such Term C1 Advances shall be deemed made hereunder.
On each Borrowing Date, Borrowers irrevocably authorize Agent and Revolving Lenders to disburse the proceeds of the requested Advance, or Term B Lenders to disburse the proceeds of the requested Term B Advance, or Term C Lenders to disburse the proceeds of the requested Term C Advance, as the case may be, to an account of a Borrower that is subject to an Account Control Agreement (and that is not solely a payroll account), for credit to such Borrower via Federal funds wire transfer.