Definition of Term C-2 Lender

Term C-2 Lender means a Lender with outstanding Term C-2 Loans.

Examples of Term C-2 Lender in a sentence

Additional Term C-2 Lender means each Person identified as such in the Additional Joinder Agreement.
Additional Term Lenders means collectively the Additional Term B-2 Lender and the Additional Term C-2 Lender.
Additional Term C-2 Commitment means with respect to each Additional Term C-2 Lender, its commitment to make a Tranche C-2 Term Loan on the Amendment No.
Subject to and upon the terms and conditions set forth herein, (i) each Additional Term C-2 Lender agrees to make a term loan to the Borrower in Dollars (a Tranche C-2 Term Loan, which term shall include the portion of each Converted Term Loan that is converted into a Tranche C-2 Term Loan pursuant to the following clause (ii)) on the Amendment No.
The Term C-2 Commitment of each Term C-2 Lender shall be automatically and permanently reduced to $0 upon the making of such Term C-2 Lenders Term Loans pursuant to Section 2.01(d)(iii).