Definition of Tender Offer Documents

Tender Offer Documents means, collectively, the documents containing the terms and conditions of the Offer sent to the holders of Target Ordinary Shares or filed with the Panel or the SEC and any amendments thereto permitted by the terms of this Agreement or by the terms of the Refinancing and Funding Agreement.

Examples of Tender Offer Documents in a sentence

The Repurchase has been consummated or will be consummated simultaneously with the Initial Extension of Credit in accordance with the Tender Offer Documents and applicable law.
The Tender Offer Documents shall comply in all material respects as to form with the applicable requirements of the Exchange Act.
On the Closing Date (i) all of the conditions in the Senior Unsecured Notes Documents and the Tender Offer Documents to effecting or consummating the Transactions have been duly satisfied or, with the consent of the Administrative Agent, waived and (ii) the applicable Transactions have been consummated in accordance with the Senior Unsecured Notes Documents and the Tender Offer Documents.
The Partnership has authorized the execution, delivery, and performance of the Tender Offer Documents, this Agreement, the Merger Agreement and the Transaction Documents to which it is a party and each of the transactions and agreements contemplated hereby and thereby.
Acquisition Documents means, collectively, (i) the Acquisition Agreement and all exhibits and schedules attached thereto and (ii) the Tender Offer Documents.