Definition of Tenant's Representative

Tenant's Representative means Edward F. Smith, whose email address is All correspondence and information to be delivered to Tenant with respect to this Exhibit shall be delivered to Tenant's Representative. 2. Process; Tenant's Representative; Change Orders.

Tenant's Representative means Oren Snell or OJ Jones.

Tenant's Representative means Mr. Brad Brannon.

Examples of Tenant's Representative in a sentence

Debtor's Law shall provide to Tenant's Representative a right of assumption of this Lease which Tenant's Representative shall have timely exercised and Tenant's Representative shall have fully cured any default of Tenant under this Lease.
Landlord shall not be obligated to respond to or act upon any request, approval, inquiry or other communication ("Communication") from or on behalf of Tenant in connection with this Work Letter unless such Communication is in writing from Tenant's Representative.
Tenant as debtor-in-possession, and any trustee or receiver of Tenant's assets (each a "Tenant's Representative") shall have no greater right to assume or assign this Lease or any interest in this Lease, or to sublease any of the Premises than accorded to Tenant in Article 9, except to the extent Landlord shall be required to permit such assumption, assignment or sublease by the provisions of such Debtor's Law.
Tenant may change either Tenant's Representative at any time upon not less than 5 business days advance written notice to Landlord.
Tenant appoints Tenant's Representative to act for Tenant in all matters covered by this Work Letter.