Definition of Temporary Transition Bonds

Temporary Transition Bonds means Transition Bonds executed by the Issuer, and upon the receipt of an Issuer Order, authenticated and delivered by the Indenture Trustee pending the preparation of Definitive Transition Bonds pursuant to Section 2.04 of the Indenture.
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Examples of Temporary Transition Bonds in a sentence

If Temporary Transition Bonds are issued, the Issuer will cause Definitive Transition Bonds to be prepared without unreasonable delay.
Until so delivered in exchange, the Temporary Transition Bonds shall in all respects be entitled to the same benefits under this Indenture as Definitive Transition Bonds.
After the preparation of Definitive Transition Bonds, the Temporary Transition Bonds shall be exchangeable for Definitive Transition Bonds upon surrender of the Temporary Transition Bonds at the office or agency of the Issuer to be maintained as provided in Section 3.02, without charge to the Holder.
Upon surrender for cancellation of any one or more Temporary Transition Bonds, the Transition Bond Issuer shall execute and the Indenture Trustee shall authenticate and deliver in exchange therefor a like principal amount of Definitive Transition Bonds of authorized denominations.