Definition of Telecom Business

Telecom Business means business related to FM receiver and mobile devices, including supporting software and back office transmitters used in connection therewith, but excluding fixed line and reseller telecom businesses.
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Examples of Telecom Business in a sentence

Business Permits means any approval, permit, filing, registration or the like required of the Company for its lawful and valid operation of all of its business, including, without limitation, the Enterprise Legal Person Business License, Tax Registration Certificate, Telecom Business Operation License and other applicable permits and licenses as may then be prescribed by PRC Laws.
The Borrower has informed the Lender that the Borrower intends to complete a Roll-Up of FSP Silverside Plantation Limited Partnership, FSP Hillview Center Limited Partnership, and FSP Telecom Business Center Limited Partnership (the "Additional Entities") as of January 1, 2000.
The TBS (Telecom Business Solution) System is a stand-alone system that provides order management, workflow management, inventory management and network design capabilities.
The TBS (Telecom Business Solution) went into production in Ft. Wayne and is used by GTE Telecom and Global Network Infrastructure (GNI) in December 1998.
Airtouch International Alliance to Promote Software Innovation American Committee for Interoperable Systems American Electronics Association American Express Company American Mobile Satellite Corporation American National Standards Institute American Petroleum Institute Association of American Publishers AT&T British Telecom Business Software Alliance Cable and Wireless North America, Inc.