Definition of TCPL

TCPL means TransCanada PipeLines Limited and includes its successors and assigns;
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TCPL means TransCanada Pipelines Umited, a Canadian corporation.
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Examples of TCPL in a sentence

Subject to (ii) below, the Trust and TCPL shall be entitled to participate at their own expense in the defence and, if the Trust or TCPL so elect at any time after receipt of such notice, any of them may assume the defence of any suit brought to enforce any such Claim.
The parties hereto acknowledge that the Trustee has appointed TCPL as Administrative Agent under the Administration Agreement and has delegated to it the powers (and TCPL has assumed the obligations) as set out in the Administration Agreement.
In preparing these financial statements, TCPL is required to make estimates and assumptions that affect both the amount and timing of recording assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses since the determination of these items may be dependent on future events.
Affiliate means, in respect of any Person, any other Person which, directly or indirectly, is in control of, is controlled by or is under common control with such Person; provided that the Trust and TCPL and its Affiliates shall be Affiliates for so long as TCPL and/or its Affiliates hold at least a majority of the voting trust units of the Trust.
For administrative purposes, the Exchange Trustee may invoice TCPL unless instructed otherwise.