Definition of TCC Merger Agreement

TCC Merger Agreement means, collectively, the Agreement and Plan of Merger and the Certificate of Merger, in each case dated as of the Thirteenth Amendment Signature Date with regard to the TCC Merger.
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Examples of TCC Merger Agreement in a sentence

At the Closing, Buyer shall pay to the Paying Agent, by wire transfer of immediately available funds to an account designated by the Paying Agent no later than two business days prior to the Closing Date, an amount equal to the Merger Consideration (it being understood that Buyer shall have separately paid the BC Stock Purchase Consideration and the TCC Merger Consideration pursuant to the BC Stock Purchase Agreement and the TCC Merger Agreement, respectively).
Lender shall have received, in each case in form and substance acceptable to Lender in its sole discretion, fully executed copies of: (a) the TCC Merger Agreement, (b) the Little Harbor Debt Repayment Agreement and the other Little Harbor Subordinated Debt Documents, and (c) all documents, instruments, and agreements executed and/or delivered by any Loan Party pursuant to, or in connection with, the Debt Transfer.