Definition of TCC

TCC means TransCanada Corporation and includes its successors and assigns;
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TCC means TransCanada Corporation.
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TCC means Target Capital Corporation, a Minnesota corporation.

Examples of TCC in a sentence

San Diego, CA 92111 Notices to the Company or TCC: TransWestern Publishing Company, L.P. c/o Thomas H.
Chairman, TCC Board of Regents Secretary, TCC Board of Regents III.
TCC Response and Corrective Action Plan TCC has implemented revised procedures to ensure that unclaimed Title IV HEOA funds are timely identified and returned to applicable Federal programs and lenders.
Copies of the TCC 001 "Application for a Tax Clearance Certificate" form are available from any SARS branch office nationally or on the website
The Company was listed and began trading on the TSX Venture Exchange ("TSX") as a Capital Pool Company ("CPC") under Exchange Policy 2.4 on March 1, 2006 under the symbol "TCC".

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TCC means the Thurston County Code.
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TCC means Tollroad Control Centre.
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TCC means the Terms and Conditions of Contract contained in this
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TCC means Townsville City Council;
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