Definition of Taxable Bonds

Taxable Bonds means Bonds of a Series which are not Tax Exempt Bonds.

Examples of Taxable Bonds in a sentence

The bonds consist of $4.06 million of Federally Taxable Bonds, Series 2014 A with interest rates ranging from 2.0% to 2.82% and $61.10 million of Tax Exempt Bonds, Series 2014 B with interest rates ranging from 3.25% to 5%.
Assuming payments on the Taxable Bonds are treated as portfolio interest within the meaning of Sections 871 and 881 of the Code, then no withholding under Section 1441 and 1442 of the Code, and no backup withholding under Section 3406 of the Code is required with respect to Beneficial Owners or intermediaries who have furnished Form W-8 BEN, Form W-8 BEN-E, Form W-8 EXP, or Form W-8 IMY, as applicable, provided the payor has no actual knowledge or reason to know that such person is a United States person.
Failure to comply with the additional certification, information reporting and other specified requirements imposed under FATCA could result in the 30% withholding tax being imposed on payments of interest and principal under the Taxable Bonds and sales proceeds of Taxable Bonds held by or through a foreign entity.
Beneficial Owners of the Taxable Bonds should consult with their own tax advisors concerning this additional tax, as it may apply to interest earned on the Taxable Bonds as well as gain on the sale of a Taxable Bond.
Taxable Bonds shall mean Bonds of a Series which are not Tax Exempt Bonds.