Definition of Tax Losses

Tax Losses means Taxes, the liability for which constitutes a New Hydrogenics Surviving Agreement Default;
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Examples of Tax Losses in a sentence

Purchaser shall be responsible for the timely payment of all Taxes due with respect to such Tax Returns, subject, however, to the obligation of Sellers to indemnify Purchaser for the amount of any Tax Losses to the extent required under Section 9.1.
In connection with such notification, Parent shall make available to UpstreamCo the portion of any Tax Return or other documentation and related workpapers that are relevant to the determination of the Separation Tax Losses attributable to UpstreamCo pursuant to Section 7.06.
Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, CBS shall have the right to control any Tax Contest with respect to any Tax matters relating to (i) a Joint Return, (ii) any member of the CBS Group, (iii) any member of the Radio Group relating to the Pre-Distribution Period, and (iv) Separation Tax Losses.
Acquiror shall pay CBS the amount of any Separation Tax Losses for which Acquiror and Radio are responsible under Section 6.04 as a result of a Final Determination no later than 5 Business Days after the date such Separation Tax Losses are determined as a result of a Final Determination to be due.
At least fifteen (15) Business Days prior to the date of payment of any Separation Tax Losses, Parent shall notify UpstreamCo of the amount of any Separation Tax Losses for which UpstreamCo is responsible under Section 7.06.