Definition of Tarshish

Tarshish means Tarshish Hahzakot Vehashkaot Hapoalim Ltd., a company organized under the laws of the State of Israel and an affiliate of the Bank.

Examples of Tarshish in a sentence

Those best acquainted with the man and his life, say he is but doing now what he ought to have done before he shipped for Tarshish.
Table 7: Places mentioned in Ezekiel 27 Location Identification Tarshish (=}=÷≠) v.12 Diakonoff identifies as Tartessus in Spain (1992, 187), following this identification by Galling (1972), also followed by Zimmerli (1983), Elat (1982a), Greenberg (1997) and Saur (2008a).
For purposes of this Section 2, the “ Tag-Along Amount” shall mean a number of Stockholder Shares determined (i) on a pro-rata basis based upon the Katzman Group’s and the Segal Group respective relative ownership of Stockholder Shares vis-a-vis one another (the “Tag Along Ratio”), or (ii) in the event that Tarshish – Holdings and Investments Hapoalim Ltd.
Tarshish and the Problem of Phoenician Colonisation in the Westernף .1982a .עעע Mediterranean.פ Orientalia Lovaniensa Periodica 13: 5569ס.
Allan Tarshish, "The Board of Delegates of American Israelites (1859-1878)," PAlHS 49 (1959): 23; Borden, Jews, Turks and Infidels, p.