Sure definition

Sure means Sure (Guernsey) Limited.
Sure means Sure (Jersey) Limited.
Sure means Sure (Isle of Man) Limited.

Examples of Sure in a sentence

  • All DBEs submitted must be certified by the State of Rhode Island at the time of Bid submittal.⮚ Make Sure the Bid Response is received by the RIPTA Purchasing Department by the designated date and time.

  • Late Bids will not be accepted⮚ It shall be the responsibility of prospective Bidders to check the State of Rhode Island, Department of Administration Division of Purchases Website for any addenda.⮚ Make Sure that the Bid is returned in an Envelope or Box CLEARLY LABELED with the following Information: Bid Number and what the Bid is for.

  • Configure any I/O points to use the sensors connected to the Sure Cross devices.

  • SBA guarantees Sure- ties participating in the Surety Bond Guarantee Programs against a portion of their Losses incurred and paid as a result of a Principal’s breach of the terms of a Bid Bond, Final Bond or An- cillary Bond, on any eligible Contract.

  • If your device has I/O, connect the sensors to the Sure Cross devices.

More Definitions of Sure

Sure means “Us” We” or “Our”
Sure means Sistema Unificado de Registros, the Borrower’s computerized parcel-based property registry system (computerized folio real) (a subsystem within SINAP).
Sure means either Sure (Guernsey) Limited, Sure (Jersey) Limited or Sure (Isle of Man) Limited as stated in the relevant Order Form.
Sure means Sure (Guernsey) Limited, Sure (Jersey) Limited, Sure (Isle of Man) Limited and/or Foreshore Limited.
Sure means not having any doubts.
Sure. Dra” means Doctor” – the bank assistant answered with a smile.
Sure means Sistema Unificado de Registros, the Recipient’s computerized Folio Real system (a subsystem within SINAP).