Sure definition

Sure means Sure (Isle of Man) Limited.
Sure means Sure (Jersey) Limited.
Sure means Sure (Guernsey) Limited.

Examples of Sure in a sentence

  • Configure any I/O points to use the sensors connected to the Sure Cross devices.

  • Since Hurricane Igor in 2010, considerable effort has been spent studying the hydrology of the city’s watersheds and major river systems, and their capacity to safely accommodate stormwater runoff.

  • Testimony of Hannibal “Mike” Ware, Acting Inspector General, United States Small Business Administration, U.S. Congress, House Committee on Small Business, Storm Watch: Making Sure SBA’s Disaster Loan Program Is Prepared, 115th Cong., 1st sess., April 26, 2017, p.

  • The LPSs, on their books, characterize the instruments as “assets” to balance against the liabilities.

  • Sure- ties must not sell or otherwise transfer their files or accounts, whether before or after a default by the Principal has occurred, without the prior written ap- proval of SBA.

More Definitions of Sure

Sure means “Us” We” or “Our”
Sure means Sistema Unificado de Registros, the Borrower’s computerized parcel-based property registry system (computerized folio real) (a subsystem within SINAP).
Sure means either Foreshore Limited, Sure (Guernsey) Limited, Sure (Jersey) Limited or Sure (Isle of Man) Limited as stated in the relevant Order Form.
Sure means Sure (Guernsey) Limited
Sure means Sistema Unificado de Registros, the Recipient’s computerized
Sure. I said, in the way that means Why wouldn’t I be? He let it go, but he was watching. Everyone was. I knew the rules: I sucked it up, did my work, and stayed cheerful. Duncan and I couldn’t avoid each other on a thirty- five foot bus. We were polite and superficial and care- ful not to touch for several days. Finally, on the road to Houston, I argued with the band about the live mix of “Kill Me Now” and Duncan said, “Okay, you’re the sound
Sure. Dra” means Doctor” – the bank assistant answered with a smile.