Specified controlled substance definition

Specified controlled substance means a controlled substance described in section 7212(1)(b) or section 7214(a)(iv) or (c)(ii) of the public health code, Act No. 368 of the Public Acts of 1978, being sections 333.7212 and 333.7214 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

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  • Controlled substance means a controlled substance in schedules I through V of Section 202 of the Controlled Substances Act (2l U.S.C. 8l2) and as further defined in regulation at 2l CFR l308.ll-l308.l5.

  • Imitation controlled substance means a substance that is

  • Controlled substances means a substance, including a drug and an immediate precursor listed in Schedules I through V of Subchapter A of the Texas Controlled Substances Act, Tex. Rev. Civ. Stat. Ann. Articles

  • Controlled substance analog means a substance the chemical structure of which is substantially

  • Controlled dangerous substance means a drug, substance, or

  • Regulated substance means any substance, material or waste the use, generation, handling, storage, treatment or disposal of which is regulated by any local or state government authority, including any of the same designated by any authority as hazardous, genetic, cloning, fetal, or embryonic.

  • scheduled substance means any medicine or other substance included in any Schedule to the Medicines and Related Substances Control Act, 2003 (Act No. 13 of 2003);

  • Material Environmental Liabilities means Environmental Liabilities exceeding $500,000 in the aggregate.

  • Controlled Substances Act means the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. Sections 801 et seq.), as amended from time to time, and any successor statute.

  • Excluded Environmental Liabilities means any and all Environmental Liabilities whether arising before, at or after the Effective Time, to the extent relating to, resulting from, or arising out of the past, present or future operation, conduct or actions of Xxxxxxx Retained Business.

  • Radioactive substance means a substance that emits ionizing

  • Material Environmental Amount an amount payable by the Borrower and/or its Subsidiaries in excess of $5,000,000 for remedial costs, compliance costs, compensatory damages, punitive damages, fines, penalties or any combination thereof.

  • Regulated Substances means any pollutant or contaminant, waste, material, compound, chemical or substance regulated under Environmental Laws, including without limitation, petroleum or petroleum-derived products, asbestos containing material, toxic mold, radon gas or off-specification drywall or wallboard.

  • Chemical substance means a substance intended to be used as a precursor in the manufacture of a controlled substance or any other chemical intended to be used in the manufacture of a controlled substance. Intent under this subsection may be demonstrated by the substance's use, quantity, manner of storage, or proximity to other precursors or to manufacturing equipment.

  • Processes with Significant Environmental Aspects means the Equipment which, during regular operation or if not properly operated or maintained, may cause or are likely to cause an adverse effect.

  • Environmental Clean-up Site means any location which is listed or proposed for listing on the National Priorities List, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Information System, or on any similar state list of sites relating to investigation or cleanup, or which is the subject of any pending or threatened action, suit, proceeding, or investigation related to or arising from any location at which there has been a Release or threatened or suspected Release of a Hazardous Material.

  • Harmful substance means any substance which, if introduced into the sea, is liable to create hazards to human health, to harm living resources and marine life, to damage amenities or to interfere with other legitimate uses of the sea, and includes any substance subject to control by the present Convention.

  • Dangerous Substance means any radioactive emissions and any natural or artificial substance (whether in solid or liquid form or in the form of a gas or vapour and whether alone or in combination with any other substance) which, taking into account the concentrations and quantities present and the manner in which it is being used or handled, it is reasonably foreseeable will cause harm to man or any other living organism or damage to the Environment including any controlled, special, hazardous, toxic, radioactive or dangerous waste.

  • Friable asbestos material means any material that contains more than 1% asbestos by weight and that can be crumbled, pulverized, or reduced to powder when dry, by hand pressure.

  • Toxic Substance includes but is not limited to asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and lead-based paints.

  • Environmental Event shall have the meaning set forth in Section 12.2.1.

  • Assumed Environmental Liabilities has the meaning specified in Section 7.4.

  • Hazardous Material Activity means any activity, event or occurrence involving a Hazardous Material, including, without limitation, the manufacture, possession, presence, use, generation, transportation, treatment, storage, disposal, Release, threatened Release, abatement, removal, remediation, handling of or corrective or response action to any Hazardous Material.

  • Hazardous Substance Activity means any activity, event, or occurrence involving a Hazardous Substance, including, without limitation, the manufacture, possession, presence, use, generation, transportation, treatment, storage, disposal, Release, threatened Release, abatement, removal, remediation, handling of or corrective or response action to any Hazardous Substance.

  • prohibited substance means any substance so described on the Prohibited List, which appears in Annex I to this Convention.

  • Specified Country means each country listed on Schedule II attached hereto and each country, other than the United States, constituting the primary market for a security with respect to which the Funds has given settlement instructions to The Bank of New York as custodian (the “Custodian”) under its Custody Agreement with the Funds.