Sexual offense definition

Sexual offense means any of the following offenses:
Sexual offense means oral sexual contact, sexual contact or
Sexual offense means an act or threat of an act that may constitute a violation of article 130 of the penal law.

Examples of Sexual offense in a sentence

  • Sexual offense adjudication and sexual recidivism among ju- venile offenders.

More Definitions of Sexual offense

Sexual offense means a violation of section 12.1-20-03, 12.1-20-03.1, 12.1-20-04, 12.1-20-05, 12.1-20-06, 12.1-20-07, 12.1-20-11, or 12.1-20-12.2, or chapter 12.1-27.2, or an equivalent ordinance.
Sexual offense means the commission of a sexual offense under Iowa Code chapter 709 or Iowa Code section 726.2 with or against a dependent adult.
Sexual offense means crimes described in article 3 of title 18, C.R.S., and crimes described in articles 6 and 7 of title 18, C.R.S.
Sexual offense means sexual assault and aggravated sexual
Sexual offense means an offense that is:
Sexual offense means the offenses contained in the definition of that term in 46-23-502.
Sexual offense means oral sexual contact, sexual contact or sexual intercourse as defined in section 13-1401.