Definition of SEF Rules

SEF Rules means all rules adopted, all Notices to Participants published by the SEF, the User Agreement, interpretations, orders, resolutions, advisories, statements of policy, decisions, manuals and directives of the SEF, and all amendments thereto.

Examples of SEF Rules in a sentence

The Chief Compliance Officer shall have the authority to inspect the books and records of all Participants, Customers, Clients or Clearing Members and the authority to require any Participant, Customer, Client or Clearing Member to appear before him or her and produce its books and records and answer questions regarding alleged violations of the SEF Rules, at the time, place and in the manner it designates.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Board shall have the power to: adopt, amend, implement and repeal SEF Rules, not contrary to Applicable Law or the SEF LLC Agreement, as in the Board's judgment promotes the best interest of the SEF; and make interpretations of the SEF Rules, which shall be binding on all Persons subject to the jurisdiction of the SEF.
The Regulatory Oversight Committee shall also have such other powers and perform such other duties as set forth in the SEF Rules and as the Board may delegate to it from time to time.
Rule 3400 ISVs (a) Consistent with Applicable Law, the SEF will provide access to its trading platform, services and data on a fair and nondiscriminatory basis to any ISV that complies with the SEF's documentation and eligibility requirements for ISVs as set forth in the SEF Rules.
Any discrepancies, errors or omission with respect to SEF Confirmations shall be resolved as provided in the SEF Rules.