Securities Settlement definition

Securities Settlement means that certain stipulation and agreement of settlement of the securities-related MDL Actions, attached hereto as Exhibit 7.19(a).
Securities Settlement means a securities settlement system (as defined in the CSDsystem" Regulation) operated by a central securities depository;
Securities Settlement means the settlement by the Company of In re Diamond Foods Inc, Securities Litigation, including the redemption of Common Stock issued in connection therewith.

Examples of Securities Settlement in a sentence

  • Each of the Issuer, the Warrant Agent and the Calculation Agent however undertake to use all reasonable efforts in such case to assist the Warrant Holder(s) in recovering their losses from the Securities Settlement System or any Securities Settlement System participant.

  • ICAP Bond (5-98)Form 17-02-1421 (Ed. 5-98)Page 15 of 19 Conditions and Limitations (continued) Securities Settlement 10 .

  • None of the Issuer, the Warrant Agent or the Calculation Agent shall under any circumstances, save in case of their gross negligence or wilful misconduct, be liable for any acts or defaults of the Securities Settlement System or any Securities Settlement System participant in relation to the performance of its duties in relation to the Warrants.

  • Notwithstanding anything in these Articles to the contrary and subject to the rules of the applicable central securities depository, the Directors may permit any class of shares to be held, and trades in those shares to be settled, through a Securities Settlement System operated by a central securities depository.

  • North Carolina water lawsuit, any remaining Auction Rate Securities Settlement funds shall be deposited into the general fund.

  • On the date of this Agreement, at the Time of Purchase and on any Option Securities Settlement Date, the Securities shall have been duly listed, and admitted and authorized for trading, on Nasdaq, subject only to official notice of issuance.

  • A.2. Securities Settlement System Article SA has been notified to the European Commission as a system pursuant to the Settlement Finality Directive.

  • Pursuant to the Clearing Services Agreement, the NBB as operator of the Securities Settlement System will provide clearing services for the Issuer.

  • Les Warrants Dématérialisés seront exclusivement représentés par des inscriptions dans les registres du système de clearing géré par Euroclear SA/NV ou tout successeur (le Système de Règlement de Titres / Securities Settlement System).

  • At the Time of Purchase and any Option Securities Settlement Date, the Underwriters shall have received from Marcum LLP a letter, dated such date, to the effect that they reaffirm the statements made in the letter furnished pursuant to Section 5(d) hereof, except that the specified date referred to shall be a date not more than three business days prior to the Time of Purchase or such Option Securities Settlement Date, as the case may be.

More Definitions of Securities Settlement

Securities Settlement means the settlement of the Consolidated Securities Action on and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Stipulation.

Related to Securities Settlement

  • securities settlement system means a system that enables securities to be transferred and settled by book entry according to a set of predetermined multilateral rules.

  • ASX Settlement means ASX Settlement Pty Ltd (ABN 49 008 504 532);

  • Share Settlement means a number of shares of Class A Common Stock equal to the number of Redeemed Units.

  • PJM Settlement or “PJM Settlement, Inc.” shall mean PJM Settlement, Inc. (or its successor), established by PJM as set forth in Section 3.3 of the Operating Agreement.

  • Net Share Settlement On each Settlement Date, Issuer shall deliver to Dealer a number of Shares equal to the Number of Shares to be Delivered for such Settlement Date to the account specified by Dealer and pay cash to Dealer in lieu of any fractional shares valued at the Relevant Price on the Valuation Date corresponding to such Settlement Date. Number of Shares to be Delivered: In respect of any Exercise Date, subject to the last sentence of Section 9.5 of the Equity Definitions, the product of (i) the number of Warrants exercised or deemed exercised on such Exercise Date, (ii) the Warrant Entitlement and (iii)(A) the excess, if any, of the VWAP Price on the Valuation Date occurring on such Exercise Date over the Strike Price, divided by (B) such VWAP Price. The Number of Shares to be Delivered shall be delivered by Issuer to Dealer no later than 4:00 P.M. (local time in New York City) on the relevant Settlement Date.

  • Mandatory Securities Depository means a foreign securities depository or clearing agency that, either as a legal or practical matter, must be used if the Fund determines to place Foreign Assets in a country outside the United States (i) because required by law or regulation; (ii) because securities cannot be withdrawn from such foreign securities depository or clearing agency; or (iii) because maintaining or effecting trades in securities outside the foreign securities depository or clearing agency is not consistent with prevailing or developing custodial or market practices.

  • Cash Settlement shall have the meaning specified in Section 14.02(a).

  • Gross Settlement Fund means the Settlement Amount plus all interest earned thereon.

  • Ontario Settlement Class means the settlement class in respect of the Ontario Action as defined in Schedule A.

  • Master Settlement Agreement means the settlement agreement and related documents entered into on November 23, 1998, and incorporated into a consent decree and final judgment entered into on December 7, 1998, in Kelley Ex Rel. Michigan v Philip Morris Incorporated, et al., Ingham county circuit court, docket no. 96-84281CZ.

  • Purchase Contract Settlement Fund has the meaning specified in Section 5.5.

  • Retail Settlement Code means the code approved by the Board which, among other things, establishes a distributor’s obligations and responsibilities associated with financial settlement among retailers and consumers and provides for tracking and facilitating consumer transfers among competitive retailers;

  • Settlement Shares With respect to any Settlement Date, a number of Shares, not to exceed the Base Amount, designated as such by Party B in the related Settlement Notice or by Party A pursuant to “Termination Settlement” below; provided that on the Maturity Date the number of Settlement Shares shall be equal to the Base Amount on such date.

  • Trading and Settlement Code means the Trading and Settlement Codedeveloped pursuant to Section 9(1)(d) of the Act as from time to time, revised, amended, supplemented or replaced with the approval or at the instance of the Commission;

  • Purchase Contract Settlement Date has the meaning specified in the Recitals.

  • Early Settlement has the meaning set forth in Section 5.07(a).

  • ASTC Settlement Rules means the operating rules of ASTC and, to the extent that they are applicable, the operating rules of ASX and the operating rules of the Australian Clearing House Pty Limited;

  • Final Settlement means permanent settlement of the Contractor’s actual allowable costs or expenditures as determined at the time of audit, which shall be completed within three years of the date the year-end cost settlement report was accepted for interim settlement by the State. If the audit is not completed within three years, the interim settlement shall be considered as the final settlement.

  • Viatical settlement broker means a person, including a life insurance producer as provided for in section 508E.3, who, working exclusively on behalf of a viator and for a fee, commission, or other valuable consideration, offers or attempts to negotiate viatical settlement contracts between a viator and one or more viatical settlement providers or one or more viatical settlement brokers. Notwithstanding the manner in which the viatical settlement broker is compensated, a viatical settlement broker is deemed to represent only the viator, and not the insurer or the viatical settlement provider, and owes a fiduciary duty to the viator to act according to the viator’s instructions and in the best interest of the viator. “Viatical settlement broker” does not include an attorney, certified public accountant, or a financial planner accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency who is retained to represent the viator and whose compensation is not paid directly or indirectly by the viatical settlement provider or purchaser.

  • Gross Settlement Amount means the sum of seventeen million dollars ($17,000,000), contributed to the Qualified Settlement Fund in accordance with Article 5. The Gross Settlement Amount shall be the full and sole monetary payment to the Settlement Class, Plaintiffs, and Class Counsel made on behalf of Philips in connection with the Settlement effectuated through this Settlement Agreement.

  • Physical Settlement shall have the meaning specified in Section 14.02(a).

  • Book-Entry Securities which means that there will be one or more global securities registered in the name of a depositary or a nominee of a depositary; or

  • Share Settled in relation to any Option means that Net Share Settlement or Combination Settlement is applicable to that Option.

  • Net Share Settlement Amount For any Settlement Date, an amount equal to the product of (i) the number of Warrants exercised or deemed exercised on the relevant Exercise Date, (ii) the Strike Price Differential for the relevant Valuation Date and (iii) the Warrant Entitlement.

  • Subscription Settlement Date means the second Valuation Date after the Subscription Trade Date, provided that such Valuation Date is not a Disrupted Day and that such Valuation Date is both a Currency Business Day and a Clearing System Business Day.

  • Call Settlement Date means the fifth Business Day following the last Index Business Day in the Call Measurement Period.