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Second. Accessory dwelling unit” means an attached or a detached residential dwelling unit which provides complete independent living facilities for one or more persons. It shall include permanent provisions for living, sleeping, eating, cooking, and sanitation on the same parcel as the single-family dwelling is situated. A second An accessory dwelling unit also includes the following:
Second means an individual who attends a contestant at the site of the contest before, during, and after the contest in accordance with contest rules.

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The First Appellate Authority or Second Appellate Authority, as the case may be, upon filing of appeal, shall issue notice accompanied by copy of appeal, affidavit and documents, if any, to the respondents and fix date of hearing.

Second, DOE analyzes and reports the impacts on different types of manufacturers, including impacts on small manufacturers.

Every appeal may be presented to First Appellate Authority or Second Appellate Authority, as the case may be, in person or through registered post or authorised representative.

Presented at the Second International Conference on Combustion Technologies for a Clean Environment, Lisbon, Portugal, 19-22 July 1993.

Second, whereas Kimadia under Saddam had demanded “free goods” in quantities equal to 10% of the underlying contract, Defendants varied the percentages they paid the Sadrists – mostly upwards.

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Second means a person, including a manager, who is present at any professional unarmed combat contest to provide assistance or advice to combatants during a professional contest of unarmed combat.
Second means an individual who assists a fighter during an event.
Second means any person aiding, assisting, or advising a contestant during a show.
Second means a person who is present during a bout to provide assistance to the boxer a contestant.
Second means a person licensed by the Department who
Second means a person licensed by the Division who attends to the contestant between rounds.