Safety Committee(s) definition

Safety Committee(s) means the site safety committee(s) formed under the Occupational Health and

Examples of Safety Committee(s) in a sentence

  • The best practice recommendations will be distributed to the Joint Health and Safety Committees at each individual home to be recommended for implementation.

  • Each year, the School Board shall consult with the union and Joint Health and Safety Committee(s) regarding the topics and scheduling of this half PA Day designated for violence prevention training.

  • With the exception of the Principles of Agreement found in the Tripartite Agreement on Health and Safety Committees in Article 89, the parties agree that these principle statements are not subject to the grievance/arbitration procedure on their own standing.

  • The parties agree that Joint Union/Management Health and Safety Committees are appropriate.

  • Under the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977, a recognised independent trade union has the right to appoint safety representatives.

  • Occupational Health and Safety Committees shall be composed of personnel employed at the location.

  • A copy of all minutes of the Occupational Health and Safety Committees shall be sent to the Union and the Employer.

  • Section 1: Principle Employees and the Company are to comply with established safety rules as amended by the Joint Safety Committees from time to time.

  • The Employer and the Union agree to establish Occupational Health and Safety Committees at appropriate locations in the Bargaining Unit.

  • Construction claims for environmental measure implementation are sometimes caused by acombination of unforeseen environmental conditions and inaccurate plans, specifications, and estimates.

Related to Safety Committee(s)

  • Ethics Committee means an independent body established in a Member State in accordance with the law of that Member State and empowered to give opinions for the purposes of this Regulation, taking into account the views of laypersons, in particular patients or patients' organisations;

  • Grievance Committee means the Grievance Committee of the Bar.

  • Party committee means any committee organized by or authorized by the

  • Supervisory Committee means a committee of members that may be constituted in terms of the constitution of a primary co-operative to exercise supervision over the board of directors;

  • Technical Committee means the body established in accordance with article VII;

  • Regulatory Oversight Committee means the committee of the Board constituted in accordance with Rule 204.

  • Committees has the meaning set forth in Section 2.2(a).

  • Architectural Review Committee or “ARC” shall mean the architectural review committee established by the Organization to review plans submitted to the Organization for architectural review.

  • Monitoring Committee means the Monitoring Committee referred to in Paragraph B of Exhibit E;

  • Review Committee or “Committee” means a committee established pursuant to rule Chapter 67-60, F.A.C.

  • Operating Committee means the Operating Committee of Epoch which meets frequently and is responsible for implementing the Company’s strategy, making operational decisions and overseeing the day-to-day running of the Company.

  • Joint Committee means the Joint Committee established by Article 164(1) of the withdrawal agreement;

  • Disciplinary Committee means a function of the Compliance Department to fulfill various adjudicative responsibilities and duties described in Rule 602.

  • Advisory Committee means the Employer's Advisory Committee as from time to time constituted.

  • Coordinating Committee means the committee designated and elected as provided in section 16d in connection with a township consolidation.

  • Medical Advisory Committee means the Medical Advisory Committee established by the Board as required by the Public Hospitals Act;

  • Development Committee has the meaning set forth in Article 3 of the Amended and Restated Research and Development Agreement.

  • District Evaluation Advisory Committee means a group created to oversee and guide the planning and implementation of the Board of Education's evaluation policies and procedures as set forth in N.J.A.C. 6A:10-2.3.

  • Nominating Committee means the nominating committee of the board of directors of the Company established pursuant to the Articles, or any successor committee.

  • District Committees means the District Public Works Integrating Committees and the Executive Committees created pursuant to Section 164.04 of the Revised Code, and District Subcommittees created pursuant to Section 164.06 of the Revised Code.

  • Peer review committee means one or more persons acting in a peer review capacity who also serve as an officer, director, trustee, agent, or member of any of the following:

  • Compliance Committee means the committee referenced under the Federated Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, consisting of, among others, the Chief Compliance Officer, the General Counsel, the Chief Audit Executive and the Chief Risk Officer.

  • Sub-Committee means, unless the context otherwise requires, a sub-Committee appointed by the Council, a Committee or an Officer acting under delegated powers and shall include a working party or panel.

  • Governance Committee means the Governance Committee of the Board.

  • Evaluation Committee means a body appointed to perform the evaluation of Offerors’ proposals.

  • Joint Remediation Committee has the meaning set forth in Section II.A.2.