Revolver Facility definition

Revolver Facility means the Revolver Commitments and the Revolver Loans made hereunder.

Examples of Revolver Facility in a sentence

  • The exculpatory, indemnification and other provisions of this Article VIII shall apply to the Administrative Agent, each Related Party of the Administrative Agent and each Agent Professional and shall apply, without limiting the foregoing, to their respective activities in connection with the syndication of the Revolver Facility provided for herein as well as activities as the Administrative Agent.

More Definitions of Revolver Facility

Revolver Facility means the credit facility as described in and subject to the limitations set forth in Section 2.01(a)(i) hereof (as the same may be decreased pursuant to Section 2.03(a)).
Revolver Facility means any one of such Revolver Facilities.
Revolver Facility means the revolver loan facility extended to Borrower pursuant to Subsection 1.1(A).