removal order definition

removal order means an order issued by the Principal Immigration Officer or the Immigration Appeals Board in accordance with article 14, or the Court of Appeal under article 25A as the case may be;
removal order means an administrative or judicial decision or act ordering the removal;
removal order means an order for the removal of a Registrant from the Register, made by a Fitness to Practise Panel, made under rules 131(d) and 132(d) of the Fitness to Practise Rules.

More Definitions of removal order

removal order means an order made by the fitness to practise panel for the removal of an entry relating to the registered person in the register;
removal order. (遣送離境令) means an order under section 19(1);
removal order means an order for the removal of a person from Nauru made under section 11;
removal order means an order removing a person from the Council’s Register in terms of section 49(1) of the 2001 Act;
removal order means an order made under section 13;
removal order means a removal order made under the Immigration Act, 2006, and for the purposes of serving or executing any such order, includes any electronically produced copy thereof:
removal order means a written order served by a State on the operator on whose flight an inadmissible person travelled into that State, directing the operator to remove that person from its territory.