Related appurtenances definition

Related appurtenances means any equipment instrumental to the safe operation of a boiler or pressure vessel.
Related appurtenances means any equipment instrumental to the safe operation of

Examples of Related appurtenances in a sentence

  • Related appurtenances, such as catch basins, inlets, manholes, and pipe routing.

  • The secondary wastewater treatment system consists of (out of scope assets): 3 pump stations; 3 Submerged Attached Growth Reactor (SAGR) cells; 1 effluent control manhole; Bulk water truck filling stations; Emergency system overflow pond; Wastewater reclaim facility housing filtration, disinfection and storage; and, Related appurtenances.

  • The Social Functions comprised: A Welcoming Reception, included in the registration fees, on Sunday, June 16, 2013, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., in the China National Convention Center.

Related to Related appurtenances

  • Appurtenances means all rights, titles, and interests of Seller appurtenant to the Land and Improvements, including, but not limited to, (i) all easements, rights of way, rights of ingress and egress, tenements, hereditaments, privileges, and appurtenances in any way belonging to the Land or Improvements, (ii) any land lying in the bed of any alley, highway, street, road or avenue, open or proposed, in front of or abutting or adjoining the Land, (iii) any strips or gores of real estate adjacent to the Land, and (iv) the use of all alleys, easements and rights-of-way, if any, abutting, adjacent, contiguous to or adjoining the Land.

  • Appurtenance means any accessory to a stationary structure coated at the site of installation, whether installed or detached, including, but not limited to: bathroom and kitchen fixtures; cabinets; concrete forms; doors; elevators; fences; hand railings; heating equipment, air conditioning equipment, and other fixed mechanical equipment or stationary tools; lampposts; partitions; pipes and piping systems; rain gutters and downspouts; stairways, fixed ladders, catwalks, and fire escapes; and window screens.

  • Appurtenant Rights means (i) all agreements, easements, rights of way or use, rights of ingress or egress, privileges, appurtenances, tenements, hereditaments and other rights and benefits at any time belonging or pertaining to the Land or the Improvements, including, without limitation, the use of any streets, ways, alleys, vaults or strips of land adjoining, abutting, adjacent or contiguous to the Land and (ii) all permits, licenses and rights, whether or not of record, appurtenant to the Land.

  • Fixtures means those leasehold improvements, additions, alterations and installations constituting all or a part of Bank Premises and which were acquired, added, built, installed or purchased at the expense of the Failed Bank, regardless of the holder of legal title thereto as of Bank Closing.

  • Structures means an elevated road or a flyover, as the case may be;

  • Accessory Structure (Appurtenant Structure means a structure located on the same parcel of property as the principal structure and the use of which is incidental to the use of the principal structure. Garages, carports and storage sheds are common urban accessory structures. Pole barns, hay sheds and the like qualify as accessory structures on farms, and may or may not be located on the same parcel as the farm dwelling or shop building.

  • Personal Property shall have the meaning set forth in the granting clause of the Mortgage.

  • Buildings means any and all buildings, structures, garages, utility sheds, workrooms, air conditioning towers, open parking areas and other improvements, and any and all additions, alterations, betterments or appurtenances thereto, now or at any time hereafter situated, placed or constructed upon the Land or any part thereof.

  • Industrial Property Rights means all of the Company's patents, trademarks, trade names, inventions, copyrights, know-how or trade secrets, formulas and science, now in existence or hereafter developed or acquired by the Company or for its use, relating to any and all products and services which are developed, formulated and/or manufactured by the Company.

  • Accessions shall have the meaning given that term in the UCC.

  • hereditament means a dwelling within the meaning of Part I of the Local Government Finance Act 1992,

  • Real Property Rights means all rights in or to real property (such as leasehold or other rights to use or access the Project Site), leases, agreements, Permits, easements, including licenses, private rights-of-way, and utility and railroad crossing rights required to be obtained or maintained by Owner in connection with construction of the Project on the Project Site, transmission of electricity to the Grid, performance of the Work, or operation of the Project.

  • Engines means, as of any date of determination, all Engines then leased hereunder.

  • Additional Property means, in respect of a Series, the rights and benefits provided in respect of the Series, or applicable Class, pursuant to any letter of credit, surety bond, cash collateral account, spread account, guaranteed rate agreement, maturity liquidity facility, tax protection agreement, interest rate and/or currency swap agreement, loan agreement, enhancement agreement or other similar arrangement as contemplated under the Pooling and Servicing Agreement and as provided for in the related Series Purchase Agreement.

  • Fixtures and Equipment means, with respect to any Person, all of the furniture, fixtures, furnishings, machinery and equipment owned or leased by such Person and located in, at or upon the Assets of such Person.

  • Systems and Equipment means any plant, machinery, transformers, duct work, cable, wires, and other equipment, facilities, and systems designed to supply heat, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity or any other services or utilities, or comprising or serving as any component or portion of the electrical, gas, steam, plumbing, sprinkler, communications, alarm, security, or fire/life/safety systems or equipment, or any other mechanical, electrical, electronic, computer or other systems or equipment for the Property.

  • Appliances means and include electrical, mechanical and electronic appliances such as refrigerator, television, DVD player, videocassette recorder/player, washing machine, microwave oven, music system, personal computer, laptops and air-conditioner contained or fixed in the Insured’s home for domestic use.

  • Plumbing fixture means a receptacle or device that is permanently or temporarily connected to the water distribution system of the premises and demands a supply of water from the system; or discharges used water, waste materials, or sewage directly or indirectly to the drainage system of the premises.

  • Accessory dwelling unit means a habitable living unit added to, created within, or detached from a primary single-family dwelling and contained on one lot.

  • Fuel burning equipment means any furnace, boiler, apparatus, stack and all associated equipment, used in the process of burning fuel.

  • Improvements shall have the meaning set forth in the granting clause of the Mortgage.

  • Farm equipment means equipment used directly for farming

  • Existing Property means all property against which ad valorem property taxes were levied by a local unit for its concluding fiscal year, minus all property that is considered losses for purposes of ad valorem property tax levies of the local unit for the ensuing fiscal year.

  • immovable property shall have the meaning which it has under the law of the Contracting State in which the property in question is situated. The term shall in any case include property accessory to immovable property, livestock and equipment used in agriculture and forestry, rights to which the provisions of general law respecting landed property apply, usufruct of immovable property and rights to variable or fixed payments as consideration for the working of, or the right to work, mineral deposits, sources and other natural resources; ships, boats and aircraft shall not be regarded as immovable property.

  • the Land means the land (including for the avoidance of doubt all buildings, structures landscaping and other erections) situated at and known as Xxxxxxx School Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx XX00 0XX and registered under Title Number WT292137;

  • Developed Property means all Assessor’s Parcels of Taxable Property for which Building Permits were issued on or before May 1 of the prior Fiscal Year, provided that such Assessor's Parcels were created on or before January 1 of the prior Fiscal Year and that each such Assessor's Parcel is associated with a Lot, as determined reasonably by the Board.