immovable property definition

immovable property shall have the meaning which it has under the law of the Contracting State in which the property in question is situated. The term shall in any case include property accessory to immovable property, livestock and equipment used in agriculture and forestry, rights to which the provisions of general law respecting landed property apply, usufruct of immovable property and rights to variable or fixed payments as consideration for the working of, or the right to work, mineral deposits, sources and other natural resources; ships, boats and aircraft shall not be regarded as immovable property.
immovable property means land and every real right in land or minerals (other than any right under a bond) which is registrable in any office in the Republic used for the registration of title to land or the right to mine;
immovable property means immovable property under the laws of the Province of Québec or real property under other applicable law.

Examples of immovable property in a sentence

  • The very fact that the documents were admittedly drawn up pursuant to Section 303 (2) (d) of the District Municipalities Act and that it was so done under clause (4) of Rule 12 of the Municipal Manual appearing at page 55 of the 1957 Edition, shows that Immovable property belonging to the Municipal Council has been transferred by way of lease to the plaintiff and that is why the prescribed Form III (a) in Schedule III appended to these rules was adopted.

  • Total Assets of company includes Immovable property also and the title deeds of immovable properties are held in the name of the company.

  • Immovable property shall be exclusively in the name of contractor/company and not in the name of family members/relatives/others.

More Definitions of immovable property

immovable property means any land (other than agricultural land) or any building or part of a building.
immovable property means any land and any buildings, fixtures, fittings, fixed plant or machinery from time to time situated on or forming party of that land;
immovable property means property as defined in section 1 of the Act;
immovable property means a mining right, an interest in a petroleum agreement, mining information or petroleum information;
immovable property means the land and includes any building or other structure attached to the land or permanently fastened to anything which is attached to the land;
immovable property means any freehold or leasehold immovable property and includes any right to such immovable property;
immovable property means land or other property that cannot be removed from one place to another without changing its purpose and without a material reduction of its value.