Recent definition

Recent as used in this context, means within the last year or two. Prices older than 1-2 years may be stale and will need to be adjusted by the appropriate Producer or Consumer Price Index to reflect current market conditions.)
Recent means within the last three months.
Recent. , unless otherwise stated means within the last five (5) years.

Examples of Recent in a sentence

  • Recent changes to the facilities Sorting Area Flow (SAF) Pumps that helped reduce pump noise and improve underwater ambient sound in the vicinity of the facility seem to be benefiting fish passage.

  • Recent innovations techniques and equipment, as well as remote sensing make it a detailed analysis of the morpho processes operating this type complex Unde and waves off Pleasure Point important because it is the Bay National Marine Sanctuary and the in this area protect infrastructure (road, sewage) that tu the Santa erosion has threatened this infrastructure, thus it has become FIGURE of the area.

  • Recent collective bargaining agreement of written school district.

  • The majority of soils are xxxxx clays (Recent Berea Reds & Greys).

  • Calculation (example years are included as reference): Most Recent Year Cash Flow: 2020 Cash and Investments minus 2019 Cash and Investments Previous Year Cash Flow: 2019 Cash and Investments minus 2018 Cash and Investments Multi-Year Cash Flow: 2020 Cash and Investments minus 2018 Cash and Investments Data Source: Annual Fiscal Audit Report Cash Flow and Multi-Year Cash Flow Exceeds Standard The school has met standard for 3 or more consecutive years, including the most recently completed school year..

More Definitions of Recent

Recent is defined as a contract inprogress or completed within the last three (3) years. If the offeror has not had three (3) Government contracts within the last three (3) years, information on recent and relevant subcontracts and/or commercial contracts may be submitted.
Recent means immediately before the date of your claim. ‘Consecutive’ means one after the other, with no breaks. We prefer to see printed payslips, not handwritten ones.
Recent means within the last five years.
Recent means a situation that can substantially mean current where, for instance, it would apply in the event of approving the resolutions at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders where a new outside director was appointed.
Recent means within six months prior to the date the petition was filed.
Recent with regard to hull surveys means within the previous twelve months, but after the last compliance survey.
Recent means within the past five (5) years.